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Main Actor And Actress Of The Movie: Blow The Man Down

The two main leads of the movie Blow The Man Down are Morgan Saylor played the role of Mary Beth Connolly and Sophie Lowe as Priscilla Connolly. These characters give their best performances to turn out the story super excited and entertaining.

However, Morgan Frances Saylor was born on 26 October 1994, and she is an American actress. Morgan is best known for representing Dana Brody in the Showtime series named Homeland.

Morgan was also nominated for the best Screen Actors Guild Award in the Outstanding Performance category by an Ensemble from 2013 to 2014 in Drama Series. Morgan was raised in Chicago, Illinois. Her mom is a retailer at REI, and Morgan’s father does repairs for Starbucks; they are separated. Morgan traveled to Villa Rica, Georgia, when she was two years old, and Decatur, Georgia, at age ten.

Morgan served acting quarters at the Department of Recreation and performed Alana’s leading role at OnStage Atlanta. Morgan performed the role of Susan Walker in Miracle at 34th Street. When she was in her fourth grade, she traveled to Los Angeles to spend her summertime.

Morgan also did a voice-over concerning young Meadow in 2006 in The Sopranos. When Morgan was about 11 years old, she was hired by talent attorney Joy Pervis. Although Morgan Saylor played various roles, she also performed as Annie in 2009 in Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant.

In 2010, she acted the character of young Claire in Father of Invention. She performed Dana Brody in the three seasons of Homeland. She is a famous young actress who earned so much fame and success throughout her acting career.

The other lead name is Sophie Lowe, was born on 5 June 1990 and is an English-born Australian actress plus singer-songwriter. She performed in films including Beautiful Kate, After the Dark, Autumn Blood, Adore, and Road Kill. She also presented in the television series name Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, The Returned, The Slap, and The Beautiful Lie.

Lowe was raised in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, and after that, she moved to Australia along with her family in 2000. She signed to Chadwick Models in her early teens but ended modelling in favour of acting.

Lowe did her first role in the short film Kindle, and she also played the lead character Hayley; Mirage, which was already screened at the Montreal World Film Festival, including He. She. It., however, several television advertisements she did before she graduated from The McDonald College in 2008.

Lowe’s first significant role was as the main performance, Kate, in Beautiful Kate, and the film was released back in the year 2009. She also got the nomination for her role in Beautiful Kate, an AFI Award in the Best Lead Actress category.

Her other honors include Natalie in the suspense film Blame, which was released in 2010. Blame was selected and received accolades at Melbourne International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, the 35th Toronto International Film Festival, Buenos Aires International Film Festival of Independent Cinema, and the 47th Chicago International Film Festival.

Blow The Man Down Overview

Movie Plot: The movie starts with a man’s story follows a screaming young woman over the snow as Enid observes by the window. Sisters Mary and Priscilla Beth Connolly serve their mother’s funeral. However, when the sisters do their diplomatic meeting, Mary Beth pours out and moves to a bar where she reaches towards Gorski.

Mary Beth was drunk at the moment, and she leaves with Gorski, drives his car, and crashes. When both Mary and Gorski get out of the car to look at the damage, both Mary and Gorski sees blood inside the trunk after they open it.

Gorski quickly attempts to attack Mary Beth, but she leaves into the night. He follows her, and Mary Beth jumps up back on him and hit him with a harpoon. But alive, he runs towards her to grab her, but Mary ended the scene while killing him with a brick to his head.

Mary Beth is covered in all blood when she returns to her home, and she shocked Priscilla, then both sisters call the police; later on, they changed their mind and ended the call.

Priscilla helped Mary Beth so that they can get rid of Gorski’s body, with the help of a knife to cut up his arms to fit his in a cooler box so they can throw the box into the ocean.

The other day, Priscilla can’t locate the knife they took help with to cut Gorski’s body, and there is a ‘Connolly Fish’ tag written on it. Mary Beth moves to Gorski’s cabin to discover the knife, but she finds the money rather than. After that, Enid, a house owner, finds out the Connolly knife in Gorski’s cabin.

Therefore, a woman’s body shines upon the rocks. The lady is recognized as Dee, and she was the one who works for Enid. Local policeman Officer Brennan, along with his partner name Officer Coletti, investigates Enid, the Oceanview brothel owner.

They also explore the girls who work there to try to catch the murderer. Brennan sees Enid suspicious, whereas Coletti, who should know Enid for years, doesn’t believe so.

Coletti and Brennan find Gorski’s car, and there was a gun inside, plus lots of blood and a disturbing smell in the trunk. Although, the officers are entirely sure that Gorski must be the murderer. While Alexis, she is the girl who works for Enid’s brothel, knows Enid had Dee’s money, and Alexis also believes that Enid was the one who killed Dee.

Enid blackmails both Connolly sisters so that they can give him back his back, which they got from Gorski’s shack in an offer to give back the knife.

The sisters decide to resolve the issue as soon as possible, so they admitted everything in front of the police the other day. Policer officer Brennan visited them and started questioning the phone call they accidentally made to the police at their mother’s funeral night. 

Priscilla and Mary Beth were misleading the reason for their calling and lied about their location that night. Both sisters switch their minds to giving their confession to the Officer.

The Connolly sisters visit Enid and give back the money. She informs them that she misses her mother so much, and their mother left this entire brothel business to them to protect themselves.

She also offers them an amount of money so that they can agree and start working for her. Both sisters refused to take the money, and their response makes Enid becomes angry while calling them wasted brats and screaming.

The girls then grabbed the knife and ran away. Having heard the whole thing, Alexis goes to Enid’s room and chokes her to death while putting a pillow on her face. She grabbed all the money, ran away from town, and took one girl with her from the brothel. Doreen sees something in the water.

Gail arrives to see Coletti, but the discussion is not exposed. After receiving some information, they run towards Oceanview. They found the Connolly sisters as both of them coming towards them. The sisters pass Doreen and Gail, then notice Susie cleaning out the cooler box where the sisters put Gorski in it. Susie greets them.

More Information Related To The Movie: Blow The Man Down

GenreComedy, Drama
RatingR (Language and Brief Drug Use|Some Language|Sexual Material)
Original LanguageEnglish
ProducerDrew P. Houpt, Alex Scharfman, Lucas Joaquin
DirectorBridget Savage Cole, Danielle Krudy
WriterBridget Savage Cole, Danielle Krudy
Runtime1h 30m
Release Date (Streaming)17 March 2020
Production CoSecret Engine, Tango Entertainment

Blow The Man Down Directed By Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy 

Both directors of the movie Blow The Man Down turns out the movie super duper hit and a great hit in the entire industry. However, when we talk about the personal life of Bridget Savage Cole, she grew up while working her time with her dad’s construction crew plus serving tourists near seaside restaurants.

Furthermore, she served Wesleyan University, where she learned her passion for cinematography and choreography and started creating projects with DIY’s power.

After moving to New York City, Bridget discovered herself making videos for Nylon Magazine and started shooting plus directing some music videos for bands like Haerts and Future Islands.

Since then, Bridget’s music videos have been starred on UK MTV, MTV2, and her fictional work has been selected at various festivals like SXSW and Bend Film Festival.

In 2011, she was chosen to participate in AFI’s Directing Workshop, mostly available for Women, for which she directed the short film name Owiewanna and she also got an award.

Bridget has additionally created unique narrative content for Refinery 29 and Funny or Die, where Bridget premiered her short Swell, starting with the characters including Gabriel Luna and Britt Lower.

She has worked on the board community name Commercial Directing Diversity Program, managed by the Association of Commercial Producers.

Now, let’s talk about the other director name Danielle Krudy; growing up in Ohio, she searched for storytelling over writing poetry and making movies with her two sisters’ help while utilizing her father’s home video camera.

Danielle majored in Film Studies at the University name Wesleyan University attended by a post-graduate fellowship to study cinematography at the very famous German Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

While returning to New York City, Danielle engaged herself in indie filmmaking, filming doc, and short stories as a DP while running at a camera rent house.

She spent her time working as an assistant for Oscar-nominated Director of Photography named Matthew Libatique on various films like Black Swan.

Danielle worked very hard to directs many famous films, including some short ones as well. She also struggled a lot while lifting her career in the film industry.

Her latest debut, Blow the Man Down already getting so many positive reviews plus ratings. She knows how to work hard and how to make such movies that surely grab the audience’s attention and make them engaged till the end.

And this movie will surely grab a seat in the upcoming Oscar awards 2021.

The Complete Cast And Crew Of The Movie: Blow The Man Down

The complete cast of the movie includes:

  • Morgan Saylor
  • Sophie Lowe
  • Margo Martindale
  • June Squibb
  • Annette O’Toole
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach
  • Gayle Rankin
  • Skipp Sudduth
  • Marceline Hugot
  • Kendray Rodriguez
  • Will Brittain
  • David Coffin
  • Thomas Kee

Filming started in February 2018 in the location of Harpswell, Maine. However, both directors decided to change the town’s name where the filming is happening to Easter Cove, Maine.

Although, the movie had its world premiere on 26 April 2019 at the Tribeca Film Festival. Later on, Amazon Studios received distribution rights to the film. The movie was also screened on 12 September 2019 at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film: Blow The Man Down was successfully released exclusively on 20 March 2020 on Amazon Prime Video.

Blow the Man Down received so many positive reviews from various websites. It holds a 98% endorsement rating on review based website. According to the 108 reviews, with a weighted score of around 7.63/10.

The site’s decisive agreement reads, “Clever, original, and funny, Blow the Man Down is like the hell of a ride that gives you the feel of not to be missed.”

On other sites, the film endures a rating of around 72 out of 100, according to the top 20 critics, showing “usually positive reviews.”

Thus, Blow the Man Down is a 2019 comedy thriller American black film, directed and written by Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy. The film shows some of the famous characters, including Morgan Saylor, Annette O’Toole, Sophie Lowe, Marceline Hugot, Will Brittain, Gayle Rankin, Skipp Sudduth, June Squibb, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Margo Martindale.

Critics And Reviews Of The Movie: Blow The Man Down

Chicago Reader (Cody Corrall) 17 April 2020

It’s an amazingly creative mystery with a fascinating cast of characters who eventually crack below the strength of heading up with their visions.

Breakfast All Day (Christy Lemire) 27 March 2020

It is rare and unique and fresh and strange and very pretentious.

FilmWeek (KPCC – NPR Los Angeles) (Claudia Puig) 21 March 2020

I guessed it had a pretty vivid imagination of place. The picture has some sharp dialogue and some very unique characters.

Detroit News (Adam Graham) 20 March 2020

“Blow the Man Down” builds a well-realized environment with covers that keep showing themselves.

Washington Post (Ann Hornaday) 20 March 2020

In its tender but sure-eyed idea, this film leaves deliciously deep cuts.

Boston Globe (Ty Burr) 20 March 2020

The movie is pretty good enough to watch it twice, or even thrice if you love thriller movies. Those small plots were the best and an attention seeker. (Glenn Kenny) 20 March 2020

Blow the Man Down is not an earth-reliever, but it gives you a kind of small pleasure to make your time better.

ReelViews (James Berardinelli) 20 March 2020

Although there are more structural and struggling issues, the film is complete work and entertaining, too.

Little White Lies (Josh Slater-Williams) 20 March 2020

A compelling cinematography world that connects in the memory.

Los Angeles Times (Robert Abele) 19 March 2020

The best movie I have seen so far. Throughout the pandemic difficulties, our minds need this kind of film to watch. “Blow the Man Down” is a pleasingly spiky shooting of small-town sin that is here to prove to be highly companionable viewing.

Chicago Tribune (Michael Phillips) 19 March 2020

It works handily as a staycation within whatever limitations recently proscribe your range of vision.

New York Times (Helen T. Verongos) 18 March 2020

The effect is attractive enough to make the audience wonder what these directors/writers might achieve if they implemented their idea to a more comprehensive portrait.

San Francisco Chronicle (Mick LaSalle) 18 March 2020

“Blow the Man Down” is a masterpiece, it will surely change your mind and thoughts, and you will probably have your life change.

Hollywood Reporter (Caryn James) 18 March 2020

This mysterious, expertly made little New England noir has funny dialogue, a women empowerment statement, and creative use of criminal elements.

TheWrap (Steve Pond) 2 March 2020

People have their secrets; we can’t declare someone innocent, or he/she doesn’t have a secret.

indieWire (Kate Erbland) 2 March 2020

The movie is actively modeled, getting the shortest indie funds and creating an exciting environment to boot.

Variety (Owen Gleiberman) 2 March 2020

The film is smart enough to keep you active till the end.

The Baffler (A.S. Hamrah) 1 March 2020

Blow the Man Down is fast but not choppy; I love the sisters acting, especially Mary. The movie is packed with various diplomatic dialogues and some funny ones as well. It will surely keep your attention, and you won’t take your eyes off.

Audience Reviews Of The Movie: Blow The Man Down

Richard T

Blow the Man Down is a unique and pleasant type of film.

Prahul B

The film is an exciting one, especially the leads.

Bill Newcott

While the lines have many nifty twists and horrible turns, plus an enjoyable wrap-up, the movie’s visual expression is distressingly familiar.

Caria H

Blow the Man Down packed with all the crucial benefits of a talented cast that joins layers of wisdom to a script that isn’t expressly original.

Dan B

There’s simply enough surprise, interest, and shock involved here to make the audience busy guessing what’s coming to the next?

Federio T

Its last scene is fantastic. But it does not match the trip in script and beat.

Julia S

This female empowerment film noir’s brilliant and sharp cinematography, smart whip writing, and awesome directing had me screaming, laughing, and jumping till the end.

Francisco R

The movie is okay with me. It is a good time pass, nothing more or less.

Stranger D

It’s a good movie, no doubt. At the pandemic, such thriller movies will build up your desires and make you keep up your thoughts positive.

Cole W

The last scene felt a little unrealistic, or maybe it is an incomplete one left with so many missing scenes and dialogues. Well, the movie is good enough to watch.

Rose S

The ending was too strange. Somethings are missing at the end. The acting was extraordinary by the two lead sisters.

Jake C

The plot twists are expected, but the directors and writers pale in similar impact. It is just an incomplete film for me.

Donna B

Amazon explains this movie as a murder drama, thriller, comedy. I wouldn’t mind saying light drama murder thriller with lots and lots of humor. The story and characters open gradually, combining layers to the actors and more perspectives of the murder either murders.


wow, such an excellent film. Such anxiety and character development. A slow starting, but I liked it! I watch such a thrilling movie after a very long time, and it impressed me a lot.

Adam C

I love the movie, cast, storyline, and of course, all credit goes to the directors and writers of the film.

Cris K

Great watch and I will watch it again, and will surely recommend everyone to spend a good quality time with your family or friends. The movie is a great little flick.

Graham G

I loved this, a little Hitchcock, a little Coen Brothers, but also a very much it’s a personal thing. Thrilling, funny, beautiful, and dark to look at, very good.

Wayne M

Blow The Man Down is a little gem of a film. It’s just my type of film packed with twists, thrilling moments, suspense, fun, and full of entertainment. All the characters manage to charm and delight in their own ways.

Hania Y

It is a wonderful movie that reflects the power of a woman who can protect herself well, without any need of a man.

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