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Main Actor And Actress Of The Movie: Crip Camp

The movie’s most dominant character is played by Judy Heumann, who has developed polio at over 18 months, and she has to spend most days of her life while sitting in a wheelchair. Judy Heumann beat the ground with her acting skills; she has her motive to presents every emotion with perfection for the oscar awards 2021.

However, Judy was the first character in the film addressing the open wound called Staten Island’s Willowbrook. In contrast, such disabled people were starved and being neglected enough to death.

Thus, the early life of the main character, Miss. Judith “Judy” Ellen Heumann was born on 18 December 1947, and she is an American disability rights activist. Judy is known internationally as a captain in the disability community. Judy is also an advocate of lifelong civil rights for people with life-long disabilities.

Though she works with governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profits, and several other disability interest groups that have also been produced significant contributions and the development of human rights policies and legislation since the 1970s while benefiting adults and children with disabilities.

Well, Judy also performs her working time in the World Bank and the State Department; Heumann began the mainstreaming of people with disability rights into global development. Her participation increased the global reach of the self-sufficient living movement.

Heumann’s devotion to disability rights begins with her personal experiences. Whereas Judy suffered from polio when she was just 18 months old, she has used a wheelchair her entire life.

Heumann had to struggle repeatedly to be involved in the educational system. She also suffered various issues like the schooling where local schools didn’t allow her to attend the school; they all were calling her a fire hazard because of her inability to walk.

Alternatively, she picked a new way for three years, and that was a home instruction. Her home instruction was given to her twice a week, for an hour/per day. Judy’s mother, Ilsa Heumann, is also a community activist who confronted the decision in her own right.

Judy was then permitted to go to a particular school in the fourth grade specially built for disabled children. According to the city policy, Judy had to return to her home education for high school. Heumann’s mother charged against this policy, and she made a plan with other parents to put enough pressure on the school to reverse the system.

In 1961, Heumann successfully entered high school. She served Camp Jened; this is a kind of camp mostly made for children with disabilities, in Hunter, New York. In the camp, children of age around 9 to 18 can enter every summer.

Judy’s camping experience brought her more prominent information of the connection of disabled experience; she also said: “We owned the same laughter together, the same passion over the means we were treated and, the kind of same frustrations at possibilities we didn’t have.”

At Camp Jened, Judy met Bobbi Linn and Freida Tankus, and they started to work as disability rights activists. The latest 2020 documentary Crip Camp highlights Camp Jened campers, along with Heumann.

Crip Camp: A DISABILITY REVOLUTION 2020 Overview

Movie Plot: Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution is the latest 2020 American documentary film written, directed, and co-produced by Nicole Newnham and James LeBrecht. The executive producers are Barack and Michelle Obama under the banner of their Higher Ground Productions banner.

However, on 23 January 2020, at Sundance Film Festival, the film had its world premiere, and the film also won the Audience Award. Later that, it was released on March 25, 2020, by Netflix, where it received praise from critics.

This documentary film’s story plot follows a group of campers who became activists for disability rights and the movement. However, the movie Crip Camp begins in 1971 at Camp Jened, a summer camp in New York defined as a “loose, free-spirited camp” and is specially designed for children/adults with disabilities .”

The movie starts with Larry Allison, James LeBrecht, Judith Heumann, Denise Sherer Jacobson, and Stephen Hofmann. The campers turned themselves into some great activists to fight for the disability rights movement and followed their convenience legislation battle.

The idea to compose that type of film depends on the Camp Jened began “with an off-hand criticism at lunch.” Nicole Newnham had worked with James LeBrecht for almost 15 years as a partner and a co-director.

Their minds started working ahead to wrote up this documentary film that consists of some real challenges. The movie follows the real-life issues of disabled people who suffered a lot in their lives and then turned out themselves into activists to get their civil rights, like others.

These activists then find the purpose of the fight to live happily with others without any issue. The movie is about sacrifice, love, struggle, and civil rights.

Crip Camp is basically the second film that would go out below the aegis of Barack and Michelle Obama in the form of their Higher Ground Netflix’s series.

Crip Camp: A disability revolution 2020 has a more traditional trajectory, but the movie still manages to go to a beautiful place. The film represents the bitter truth of our society where disabled people are treated so wrongly and neglected.

With the help of activists, they re-opened their rights, and the movement saved many people from getting disowned. Disabled children/adults also have their own simple life just like others; they should also be treated as ordinary people getting treats. 

Crip Camp had its first-ever world premiere on 23 January at the Sundance Film Festival. Simultaneously, the film was all set to be released on March 25, 2020, by Netflix. It was also set to release in a limited time that same day, but the theatrical release was canceled due to the pandemic COVID 19.

The film also gets a 100% approval rating based on 84 reviews, and the film received an average rating of around 8.63/10. People are applauding the Crip Camp film.

The film consists of a group of some remarkable people and the very highlighting story to indicate hope for the future and the strength of community.”

More Information Related To The Movie: Crip Camp 2020

RatingR (Sexual References|Some Language)
Original LanguageEnglish
ProducerJames Lebrecht
DirectorJames Lebrecht, Nicole Newnham
Runtime1h 47m
Release Date (Streaming)26 March 2020
Production CoHigher Ground Productions

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution 2020 Directed By James Lebrecht and Nicole Newnham

The two best partners who directed the movie Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution 2020 named are Nicole Newnham and James LeBrecht. However, Nicole Newnham is a writer, an American documentary film producer, and director which purposely best known for the latest 2020 movie Crip Camp.

Nicole co-directed the movie with the producer James LeBrecht, and the various-Emmy-nominated film “The Rape of Europa.” She also did various movies, including With the Australian director/artist Lynette Wallworth. Thus, Nicole produced the fundamental reality virtual work Clashes, which won the Emmy award in 2017 for Outstanding New Approaches to Awavena and Documentary.

Both Clashes and Awavena premiered together at Sundance and The World Economic Forum in Davos, and Awavena was decided for the 2018 Venice Biennale.

Newnham’s 2013 film was nominated as well, “The Revolutionary Optimists,” for an Emmy award and won the award Sundance Hilton Sustainability.

That film also produced the data-mapping website called “Map Your World,” which is an open-source, mapping, store, or storytelling platform. Nicole also co-directed a documentary in 2006, the “Independent Lens / PBS Sentenced Home,” and was also nominated for an Emmy award.

Nicole is a very talented director plus writer who produced so many documentaries packed with our society’s reality. Newnham acquired an M.A. in 1994 from the Stanford Documentary Film Program. She is a married woman with two sons and lives in Oakland with her husband, Tom.

James LeBrecht was born with a congenital disability in his spinal cord in New York. And because of this disability, he is unable to use both legs. When he was 14, he started to attend Camp Jened throughout the summer season.

In the camp, Jened encouraged teens with disabilities and thought granted as a disabled youth. After that, he later became a member in the field of the Disabled in Action. James also served at the University of California, San Diego; he supported the Disabled Student Union class.

James LeBrecht is a sound designer, filmmaker, and disability rights activist. He lives in Oakland, California, where he directed his various documentaries about disabled people.

After he has done with his college, LeBrecht moved to Berkeley, California. He found out that there was the disability rights movement that was developing and made at the Center for Independent Living.

In Berkeley, he served as a sound designer. He started his career at the theatre named Berkeley Repertory Theater; he served there for almost ten years.

James also got an apprenticeship in the 1980s at a post-production facility, by which he decided to break into film. James also performed sound design work, over the years, for almost 145 films, with a particular focus on the topic of documentary films.

His filmography covers Minding the Gap, The Island President, The Waiting Room, The Kill Team, Daisy and Audrie and Daisy, Battlefield Earth, and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

The founder of Berkeley Sound Artists, James, is a co-author of the theatre Sound and Music: the design technique and art.

The Complete Cast And Crew Of The Movie: Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution 2020

The complete cast and crew of the film include:

  • Larry Allison
  • Dennis Billups
  • William Bronston
  • George Bush
  • Joseph A. Califano
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Kitty Cone
  • Ann Cupolo Freeman
  • Nanci D’Angelo
  • HolLynn D’Lil
  • Judith Heumann
  • Steve Hofmann
  • Denise Sherer Jacobson
  • Neil Jacobson
  • Lionel Je’Woodyard
  • Ted Kennedy
  • Sheldon Koy
  • James Lebrecht
  • Al Levy
  • George Moscone
  • Richard Nixon
  • Joseph O’Conor
  • Corbett O’Toole
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Nancy Rosenblum
  • Evan White
  • Ed Bradley
  • John Chancellor

These are those hard-working characters who put their best to make the documentary super-duper hit. However, 2020 is the year for best films, documentaries, short stories as well, and for this, Crip Camp won the award at Sundance Film Festival for the category of an Audience Award.

Thus, at Miami International Film Festival, the film gets nominated for the “Best Documentary” category and won the Zeno Mountain Award.

At the Critics’ Choice Award, the film gets nominated for the “Best Documentary Feature” film in 2020. Crip Camp is a beautiful and thoughtful film that consists of a disabled person’s reality and sacrifice he/she faced in the daily life routine.

Although the movie is a bit lengthy but full of emotions, this documentary delivers a kind of new hope and insight for dedicated advocates who are active in helping to get through all the hardships of those disabled people.

There are brilliant people worldwide who helped them and provide them with a new shelter so that they (disabled people) can also live their lives happily and full of colors.

Furthermore, the film is an opportunity for us to feel the truth of this dark society that refused to give disabled children and adults rights. But all thanks to such directors, Nicole and James, to make such documentaries and awaken everybody out there.

These types of camps are and will always be helpful to many people who need help and support. Those people who created such camps should actually know the real meaning of “Giving Voice & Strength to Those Seldom Heard.”

One of the best documentaries that reflect the truth of our society. It portrays how disabled people felt love and emotion at the camp that encouraged change across America.

We, as a society, are present today just due to their courage and power.

Critics And Reviews Of The Movie: Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution 2020

Financial Times (Danny Leigh) (8 April 2020)

Such an incredible story shows the real face of this strange society who sometimes can help and to not.

AV Club (Katie Rife) (1 April 2020)

Mostly, I feel this film is a piece of an empowering feel-good documentary that has been packed with a small group of helping people who came and bond together in the right place to help others at the right time.

Detroit News (Adam Graham) (1 April 2020)

“Crip Camp” proves change can come from anywhere or from anyone, at any time. Crip Camp gives us a lesson that straightly goes to our hearts.

Tribune News Service (Katie Walsh) (27 March 2020)

The riveting story of activists that are always ready to help disabled children and adults in camp-based houses.

New York Magazine/Vulture (David Edelstein) (27 March 2020)

It has been packed with a lot of surprising moments and turns out a masterpiece. It also is given that inspirational civilian rights documentaries that are always ready to serve others.

Wall Street Journal (Joe Morgenstern) (26 March 2020)

Crip Camp sends a feeling of lives lived passionately and furiously over a broad period.

Chicago Sun-Times (Richard Roeper) (26 March 2020)

At about the midway spot, Crip Camp gives a message of a cool getaway for those disabled teens in the form of a movement. (Ashlie D. Stevens) (26 March 2020)

Nicole and James know how to entertain their audience, and they did it so correctly. The film is a treasure of love and bond between people. Lebrecht and Newnham create together a punchy, honest, and inspiring documentary.

NPR (Bob Mondello) (24 March 2020)

I loved the film; it is filled with setbacks, twists, strategies, and unlikely blows of luck.

Rolling Stone (Peter Travers) (23 March 2020)

Such a powerful story of disabled people around the world. I loved the idea of the film to create a camp and helping others to build-up their lives—a pure definition of inspiring. (Brian Tallerico) (23 March 2020)

With the deep directing understanding that punches a remarkable balance within delivering a comprehensive message and showing very individual stories, Crip Camp gives hope for the future.

Los Angeles Times (Justin Chang) (22 March 2020)

“Crip Camp” is thus a passionate and moving applause to the enormous efforts it took to produce ramps, chain cuts, and other fundamental accessibility provisions.

Associated Press (Lindsey Bahr) (21 March 2020)

It’s a good story even without any fights or action scenes—just a pure tale filled with disabled people’s civil rights. You might never know where the strength or power may stem from: Seldom, it’s a radical camp in the Catskills.

TheWrap (Robert Abele) (19 March 2020)

I loved the movie. Crip Camp is an inspirational based film that delivers a perfect message and sense to society to provide civil rights for those who deserved it.

Audience Reviews Of The Movie: Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution 2020

Angelica L

Inspirational movie.

Gary J

These types of camps deserved a special place in our hearts. Such camps for disabled people should be opened every corner across the world.


Such a pretty good damn story. In this pandemic situation, that would be the best choice for everyone to watch this film, for once at least.

Scott B

I loved the way this documentary opened. It was all surprising for me as “characters” occurred along the way.

Suzi C

As someone who works on the camping board for disabled people, I may be a bit biased. But I loved it! It is also packed with inspiration.

Greg M

An excellent documentary based on reality. The perspective of this film changed the lives of people who understand it.

Monica L

The documentary is excellent and exciting at the same time. You see the view of disabled people in America. The way people fought for their rights is just incredible.

Rich S

The story is so realistic that it is ever told by America’s most significant underdogs: disabled people. It sets “Rudy” to challenging shame.

Cheney W

This is an important story for everyone. It is packed with so much inspiration, power, and pride. I’m so thankful that all this picture was saved. I watched the film twice this week.

Andrew W

Crip camp reflects light on an uncertainly underestimated community and their history mutually in a different setup of cinematography.

Kevin B

The best documentary I have seen so far. I truly enjoyed while watching this movie. So fantastic.

Matthew W

The best movie of this year. I love this documentary and the way it expresses the civil rights movement.

Dean B

Excellent and inspirational movie.

Chelsea B

A charming documentary that reflects the real face of our society.

Mina Y

The documentary is delightful as we can see the fight to get people’s civil rights.

Tina H

It is lengthy, a bit too long, according to the story.


I like the movie and its story, of course. It is perfect for everyone who doesn’t know history.

Tooya B

The movie is packed with profound respect and the power of civil rights for disabled people. Highly recommend, Crip Camp is a story every American need to know by heart.

Mia T

If you want to watch a documentary that can motivate you or inspire you in this pandemic condition, then watch this one right now.


You will enjoy the movie, for sure. Nicole and James did a perfect job to produce such type of documentary.

Haya B

I will give a rating of 8/10. It is excellent and inspirational at the same time. I enjoyed every second of this documentary.


Disabled people sacrificed so much to get their civil rights; I will help disabled people from now. This movie inspires me a lot.

Hatia G

The documentary is so exciting and emotional at the same time. It has packed with several twists and plots.

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