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Main Actor And Actress Of The Movie: First Cow

The film FIRST COW is a 2019 based American drama film that is directed by Kelly Reichardt. However, the drama has inspired a screenplay by Jonathan Raymond and Reichardt based on Raymond’s novel name The Half-Life.

This drama film has two main leads, including John Magaro played the role of Otis “Cookie” Figowitz, and Orion Lee played King Lu’s role. Thus, these two leads make the film super hit and continuously collect a vast earning amount.

John Robert Magaro was born on 16 February 1983, and he is an American actor. John starred in a film of 2012, Not Fade Away. He also has done roles in 2015 Carol, The Big Short, and the Netflix series name Orange Is the New Black plus The Umbrella Academy.

He performed his Broadway debut role of Earl Williams, the escaped criminal, in the successful service of The Front Page in 2016. John Magaro was raised in Akron, Ohio; his parents are Wendy and James Magaro, while he grew up in its close neighborhood of Munroe Falls.

His father is James Magaro, of Italian origin, while his mother Wendy is Jewish, and John was raised according to his mother’s religion. Both of his parents were teachers, but both of them ended their teaching career too soon.

While serving school inside the Stow-Munroe Falls City School District, John started to pursue his acting skills in local theater, including different shows at the Kent State Porthouse Theatre and the Cleveland Play House Theatre at Blossom Music Center, and he also performed at Weathervane Playhouse in Akron, Ohio.

As a child, John Magaro also performed in different television commercials; he also played a Rescue 911 episode. He is a very talented actor and started acting just after he had done his graduation in 2001 from Stow-Munroe Falls High School. John moved on to study theater to complete his studies at Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

John Magaro lives within and manages out of New York. Between his acting highlights are Carol 2015 and The Big Short. His first film work introduced The Brave One, Taking Chance (an HBO film), and a lead role in the movie My Soul to Take (horror category). John also performed eight episodes of the season Orange Is the New Black, crossing seasons 3 to 5.

Let’s talk about the other lead of the movie FIRST COW, Orion Lee. He is a transformative actor serving over theatre, film, and television. Orion Lee is a talented actor able to build characters and populate them with authenticity.

Orion Lee played the role of King Lu in the film FIRST COW. he has served at prestigious theatres, INCLUDING the National Theatre of Scotland, Royal Court, Abbey Theatre (National Theatre of Ireland), the West End, and the American Repertory Theatre.

Recently he performed as Mosca by Ben Johnson; Orion played a co-lead part in Volpone at the Royal Shakespeare Company that is also directed by Trevor Nunn.

Orion Lee worked as a fund manager in the finance industry before starting his career as an actor at the place of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

FIRST COW Overview

Movie Plot: the film follows a story of a woman who is walking normally as a routine with her dog, she saw a skull buried inside the ground, she immediately cleans up two skeletons buried side by side.

In 1820, the main lead John Magaro as Otis “Cookie” Figowitz; he is a quiet nature chef touring with a crowd of harsh and aggressive fur hunters in the Oregon Territory. However, these hunters harass Cookie for not serving them enough food while they perform scavenging. On the same night, Cookie comes over King-Lu, a Chinese immigrant on charge for shooting a Russian man. Cookie favors Lu to escape in his tent for the nighttime and sees him run over the river the following day.

Later, both Cookie and Lu reunite and spend various days together at the cabin and bond. In between of their conversations, Lu reveals some secrets about his past, he traveled the world, and Cookie shares his ambitions, stating that he has a craze to open a bakery or a type of hotel in San Francisco.

Cookie reads of the first-ever cow milk produced within the territories to preserve Chief Factor, a rich English man beside the town’s only right house. The cow’s partner and the calf died on its route to Oregon, left it the only cow.

Cookie notices that the only cow is left outside by Factor’s assets and rethink his days as a baker’s helper and explains to Lu how he has a craze for holding some of the cow’s milk that he can baked goods.

While thinking for a moment, both of them making a plan and come up together to hide into Factor’s property at night, while Cookie milking the cow and Lu keeping his eyes to watch from a tree so that he can pass the signal to Cookie, in case of anything goes wrong.

They manage to produce enough milk that helps Cooke to bake a bunch of biscuits without being exposed. After all the hardships, Cookie was still unsatisfied with the baking result, hoping it could be extra sweeter; Lu points out that the biscuits taste much better than any food and could be sold out quickly.

Both Cookie and Lu take their biscuits and visit the market to sell them out instantly. When asked by the owners how they made the biscuits, Lu pretends it’s a “Chinese secret,” that’s it; he doesn’t say further.

However, those biscuits become popular spontaneously, and Cookie and Lu sell out their first batch just within minutes. After some days, groups begin to form for people who want to try their baked biscuits. A boy is standing in the queue, serves for Factor, and watches the cow tries to purchase a biscuit, but unfortunately, he is cut in position and almost misses his chance to buy the last biscuit of the day.

One day, Cookie and Lu are asked to hold at least one or two biscuits for Factor, the one who knows about their business and is interested. The Factor purchases one biscuit and loves it.

Factor questions Cookie to create a clafoutis for an expected meeting of him with a Native American Chief and a local captain. Therefore, at the meeting, Factor offers a cup of hot tea with a touch of cream to the captain, saying that even with the high-quality variety of his milk, his cow produces a minimal amount of milk, and this statement puts both Lu and Cookie on edge.

He takes the chief, the captain, Cookie, and Lu, to inspect the cow. The cow remembers Cookie and cuddles him, making the two men suspected in the eyes of others.

After the meeting was done, Cookie thinks to end his bakery business and move on together with Lu. However, Lu tells him that he wanted to sell one more batch of those delicious biscuits to earn a little more money so that they can quickly move on.

Cookie hesitantly agrees, and both of them go back the other night to milk the cow just one last time. A man is staying all night in Factor’s estate who suddenly walks outside that night.

Lu, seeing a man coming their way, immediately passed the signal to Cookie to stop and run. At the same time, Lu is rolling on the branch to take Cookie’s attention, the part of that branch snaps. After that incident, Cookie quickly leaves the cow, rapping over the milk between the process and checking on Lu.

The man who walks outside notices their noises and informs everyone who lives in the house, thinking that someone attacks them. Lu and Cookie runoff. Factor understands that Lu and Cookie are the ones who are continuously stealing his cow’s milk and claims that he plans to kill them.

A hunt happens, and Factor with his men approach Cookie and Lu at a mountain by the river. Cookie and Lu divided up when Lu jumps into the river, he knows how to swim, and that’s why he swims away to escape while Cookie hides in nearby bushes.

Cookie attempts to run away from the bushes when he sees that the Factor’s men leave but drops down a hill and getting a head injury. Cookie wakes up and finds himself in a native American couple’s cabin, telling the couple that he needs to locate his friend. At the same time, Lu picks a man who holds a boat to drive him downstream.

He finally returns to the cabin, concentrating on catching the money from the tree they put on to hide it in. After seeing Factor’s guard arrive at the cabin and destroy it, he covers himself, noticing that they think the place to be abandoned.

When the guards leave, he reclaims the money from that tree. Cookie recovers his strength and comes back to the cabin. He walks near the cow, which is completely packed by a fence. The same boy who kept watching the cow and was rejected the last biscuit recognized him and started to chase him by himself while holding a gun.

Finally, Cookie and Lu reunite at the cabin, and Lu suggests they get a drive on the most expected boat traveling south. Cookie, yet hurting from his head injury, has trouble holding up while Lu helps him to keep moving, both Cookie and Lu unaware of that boy who is following them.

Eventually, Cookie falls and lies on the ground, as his injury getting more critical. Lu holds the bag of money and lies down near him, stating they will have stayed safe here. Both Cookie and Lu lie down precisely in the same position as those skeletons found by a woman in the beginning.

More Information Related To The Movie: FIRST COW

GenreDrama, Western
RatingPG-13 (Brief Strong Language)
Original languageENGLISH
ProducerNeil Kopp, Vincent Savino, Anish Savjani
DirectorKelly Reichardt
WriterJonathan Raymond, Kelly Reichardt
Release Date (Theaters)6 March 2020 Limited
Box Office (Gross USA)$161.0K
Release Date (Streaming)10 July 2020
Runtime2h 2m
Production CoFilm Science

The Movie FIRST COW Directed By Kelly Reichardt

Kelly Reichardt was born on 3 March 1964, and she is an American film director plus screenwriter. Kelly is basically known for presenting her minimalist-style films, and some of them are dealing with working-class characters in modest, rural communities.

However, Kelly made her debut feature film in 1994 with River of Grass. Afterward, she kept herself busy directing a series of movies set and shot in Oregon: the dramas Old Joy (2006) and in 2008, Wendy and Lucy; in 2010, the Western Meek’s Cutoff; and in 2013, the thriller Night Moves.

In 2016, Kelly wrote and directed the Montana-based drama Certain Women, which also gets so much success and ratings. In 2019, her latest First Cow again set a breaking record in Oregon.

She developed her photography passion when she was a teenager. Her father and mother were law enforcement officers who departed their ways when Kelly was young. She received her MFA in Boston at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Apart from working in a director’s field, she also kept herself busy teaches in liberal arts colleges.

Kelly’s film Certain Women is a short story based on Maile Meloy’s 2009. Her latest FIRST COW indeed gets a seat in the upcoming How to Watch Oscars award 2021.

The Complete Cast And Crew Of The Movie: FIRST COW

The complete cast of the movie FIRST COW include:

  • John Magaro
  • Orion Lee
  • René Auberjonois
  • Toby Jones
  • Ewen Bremner
  • Scott Shepherd
  • Gary Farmer
  • Lily Gladstone
  • Alia Shawkat
  • Dylan Smith
  • Stephen Malkmus
  • Mitchell Saddleback

In October 2018, an announcement happened: Kelly Reichardt would be the one who directs the film, from a screenplay Kelly wrote beside Jonathan Raymond.

Vincent Savino, Neil Kopp, Anish Savjani, Eli Bush, and Scott Rudin would produce the film following their FilmScience and the banners of Scott Rudin Productions banners, respectively; meanwhile, A24 would distribute.

However, in November 2018, the cast member added René Auberjonois in the film. After some time, in March 2019, they announced that another member joined the cast, John Magaro.

The principal photography session started in November 2018. Kelly Reichardt completed the movie in a 4:3 ratio rather than a letterbox.

The film had its world premiere on 30 August 2019 at the Telluride Film Festival. Also, the movie screened on 28 September 2019 at the New York Film Festival.

Although the FIRST COW was released in four different theaters on 6 March 2020 in the United States, on 15 March 2020, the film was removed from release through its distributor due to the pandemic COVID-19 issues.

The film FIRST COW was released for buying on VOD policies on July 10, 2020, and displayed as available to rent on the date of July 21, 2020. It is recorded to take a full, national theatrical release following in 2020.

Critics And Reviews Of The Movie: FIRST COW (Gary M. Kramer) 10 July 2020

“The First Cow” is a beautifully deliberate film; that’s why it’s so exciting. It empowers viewers to fall in and understand the story and its context.

Chicago Tribune (Michael Phillips) 9 July 2020

I’ve told this before about Kelly Reichardt’s films; she is a superwoman with a super active mind to deliver such stories in the most remarkable ways.

Chicago Sun-Times (Richard Roeper) 13 March 2020

A short story that also motivates awe.

Chicago Reader (Kathleen Sachs) 13 March 2020

The First Cow is mainly performed in its aesthetic.

Boston Globe (Ty Burr) 12 March 2020

The “First Cow” is as self-sufficient and alive as storytelling gets, it is performed so well, and those mesmerizing scenes were so captivating.

Washington Post (Ann Hornaday) 11 March 2020

Going into a Kelly Reichardt movie, thought you would be told a story, but you ended up emerge with the awareness subtly and wholly altered.

Arizona Republic (Bill Goodykoontz) 11 March 2020

The movie reveals the origins and culture.

San Francisco Chronicle (Mick LaSalle) 10 March 2020

The “First Cow” is the exceeding quality, a natural work of art. But the story is a little bit slow and is almost ended without suspense.

Globe and Mail (Barry Hertz) 9 March 2020

You keep your breath and satisfy yourself that the binding isn’t coming. And all Kelly Reichardt tries to comfort you is exceptionally quiet.

New York Magazine/Vulture (David Edelstein) 7 March 2020

This unforgettable movie brings you to another planet and redefines home.

FilmWeek (KPCC – NPR Los Angeles) (Christy Lemire) 7 March 2020

The movie has packed with different plots. It has this vibrant touch of place, and its financial echoes are so connected today.

Rolling Stone (David Fear) 6 March 2020

Kelly Reichardt’s manifest-destiny story in D minor provides you the sense that you’ve just witnessed a significant piece of work from a great American director. (Allison Shoemaker) 5 March 2020

It is both patrol and brutal, quiet, and forced through with the inevitability of tragedy and death.

Wall Street Journal (Joe Morgenstern) 5 March 2020

Some films seem dead from the first shot; it doesn’t matter if they are covered with or without star power, dramatic views, or the wrong energy of rushing pace. The First Cow is strikingly alive on appearance and develops within pure enchantment.

Associated Press (Jake Coyle) 4 March 2020

The pleasures of “First Cow” are many. The social, unshowy forms of its costumes and surroundings. I would appreciate the incredible chemistry of these two leads, COOKIE AND LU.

Audience Reviews Of The Movie: FIRST COW


If you are exhausted, then you need to watch this movie as soon as possible. The film will make up your mind and leave you all right and relaxed.

Steve H

Visually charming and subtly attentive with a real feel that may transform the movement feel slow, but Kelly’s fans should understand and appreciate it. 7.5/10

Frances H

The sad narrative about cow pushers’ milk and unique property is worth an individual life or might be two. If you’re moving to steal milk overnight, don’t be attached with the cow!

Cindy M

I like the concept and story of the film. It is superb and grabs my all attention till the end.

SuperWitty S

Slow start and didn’t get my attention for the next 20 minutes; after that, I like it.

Linda P

The fantastic movie acts perfectly.

Felipe F

Kelly Reichardt leads to the point where her obvious minimalist-style transforms into a standard and vibrant depiction of affection and conflict.

Adam C

The movie is fascinating, and the leads performed so well to hold our attention till the end.

Matthew D

Refreshingly helpful and motivating movie given by Kelly Reichardt. Kelly’s indie drama First Cow (2020) absolutely the best thing happen in 2020, get over to this pandemic condition.

Tim M

The ‘First Cow,’ co-written and directed by Kelly Reichardt, from A24, is rich in various ways. Every character was meticulously involved, and that hard work is shifted into a beautiful film. I’m usually not a Reichardt fan but, this FIRST COW makes me wonder why I didn’t watch it before?

Andrew H

You won’t get bored even for a second; this film simply is fantastic, beautiful, well-described, and of course, applauds the characters, especially the main leads.

Fbio L

Great film making. A tale of simplistic men and their build-in friendship moments, simply awesome.

Billy T

Quiet, forgiving, powerful. This is an understanding film of rare honesty—the reverse of an action-adventure that leads toward the depth of relationship.

Jason M

It is good and a well-made film directed by Kelly.

Russ A

The beginning of the film is very slow, and honestly, I didn’t develop my interest in watching the complete movie from the start.

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