Oscar Awards 2021 Pick By Germany: Antifa drama “And Tomorrow the Entire World”

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A political drama by Julia von Heinz was picked up to represent Germany in the category of the best international feature film for the Oscars award 2021.

A political drama, “And Tomorrow the Entire World,” directed by Julia Heinz, follows the story based on a young girl who becomes involved with an activist name Antifa to engage the riot neo-Nazi movement further.

Best International Feature Film Category Oscar 2021

Of course, this film was also revealed as Germany’s first pick for the best international feature film at the Oscar awards 2021 in April. However, this selection was basically announced through German Films, and that is a famous organization that actually represents the whole country’s film industry overseas.

What does Director think About The Drama?

We have also seen that at the moment when democracy is getting under high pressure, the director Julia von Heinz poses a question of violence and how to justify it and if violence even a necessity.”

And Tomorrow The Entire World:

This drama grabs the attention of its audience with conflicts and decision-making rules that no one can escape. The film is very personal and packed with some real plus great emotional impression, Sehr added.

This film was selected by a board of representatives from eight different kinds of film institutions and associations in Germany. The film “And Tomorrow the Entire World” is also found in a celebration for its international premiere this year. That competes with the very known 77th Venice International Film Festival.

Thus, there was lead actress Mala Emde at the festival, who won the best actress Bisato d’Oro Award. Moreover, the film also earned the Silver Hugo: best group performance at the Chicago International Film Festival.

A different choice:

There would be nine different films that stand out and cover a broad range of topics to represent Germany within the prestigious Hollywood Oscars award 2021 ceremony, along with two literary adaptations.

  • In Burhan Qurbani, Berlin Alexanderplatz was adapted from the book Alfred Döblin’s classic from 1929. This tells the story where a man put up with so many struggling periods to make an honest living after he came back from serving in jail.
  • This one is a second adaptation by the author Judith Kerr, “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” was presented for consideration. Caroline Link, the director of the film, already won an Oscar award for her 2003 film. 

The Oscar Award 2021 ceremony will Take its place on April 25?

Last year, we saw that the German film System Crasher, directed by Nora Fingscheidt, tells the story of a child’s difficulty. A child who is looking for love was first nominated as the candidate for Germany in Oscar. But, sadly, it didn’t secure a chance into the final round.

At Last, on February 5, 2021, all five international films from throughout the globe will enter the final race to win Oscar’s title for the Best International film.

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