Here’s how to throw a fun Oscar party for the upcoming Academy Awards.

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The Academy Awards are widely regarded as the greatest award show of all for movies. Many film lovers like to celebrate that evening with a party in keeping with the theme of the award show. Here are ideas for hosting a fun and memorable Academy Awards party.


First, you need to prepare and send your invitations. To get your guests in the mood, you want to make sure your invitation is decorated with artwork focused on the movie. As a suggestion, try pictures of movie reels and movie cameras, names of the best movies, or even pictures of the most nominated actors and actresses. If you really want to get creative, you can go to a party supply store, and often they have invitations that look like rolls of film.


If you can get a long red carpet for your guests to walk on as they enter your home, that will be just like the real thing. For additional seating, rent drivers’ seats and place them throughout the house. Decorate your walls with titles from the movies and photos of the nominees. If you can get your hands on about 8 millimetres of film, it can be cut into strips and placed anywhere in your party room.


A fun icebreaker game is to write a movie star’s name on the back of each guest when they arrive. Their job is to interact with other guests and try to figure out who they are by asking yes or no questions. Once they guess it, they get to wear their name tag on their front.

The main attraction is, of course, the award ceremony itself. But it will be more fun if you have some games that align with the prize program. It can be a lot of fun to have a sample vote for all of the highest award categories and hand it out to each guest. Have the guests fill out their ballots before the show starts. At the end, give a prize to the guest who is the most correct.

Another fun game to play during commercials is to have Academy Award trivia questions ready. Ask for these at different times. Having small prizes to hand out to the guests with the most correct answers will add to the fun.


The Oscar Show can last several hours, so your guests will need food. You can plan a full meal or appetizers, or both. It can be nice to have names for your different dishes or appetisers that are related to the award show.


What would a party be without specialty drinks? Be sure to make up a special drink just for the party and call it something that has to do with Hollywood and the movies. Of course, champagne to toast the winners towards the end of the show will also add to the excitement.

The main attraction is shown on television. So make sure your television is ready for use. If you have a big-screen TV, that’s even better. Make sure the sound system is set up and the volume is appropriate. Keep your remote handy to turn off the commercials so you can play your trivia game when the time is right.

So as they say in the movie: lights, camera, action…or better yet, at this point, that’s a bull’s eye!