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Main Actor And Actress Of The Movie: His House

The movie’s main characters start with Wunmi Mosaku, who played Rial, and Sope Dirisu as Bol. The two main leads played wonderfully to made the film successful and received so many positive ratings.

Wunmi Mosaku is a Nigerian British actress who was born in 1986. She is a singer and best known for her different roles as Joy in 2009, the BBC Two miniseries Moses Jones, and in 2011-12 Holly Lawson in the ITV series Vera.

In 2017, she also won the BAFTA TV Award for her Best Supporting Actress role as Gloria Taylor in the 2016 film TV Damilola, Our Loved Boy. However, in 2019, she played a role in the fifth series of Luther.

Mosaku was a Nigerian born actress, but she emigrated to Manchester, England, at 1. She served Trinity Church of England High School as well as Xaverian Sixth Form College. Mosaku also sang various songs for almost eleven years in the Manchester Girls Choir. Both of her parents were professors in Nigeria. Her father ended up returning to Nigeria, while her mother started a business.

Mosaku featured on Screen International Magazine’s front cover June–July 2009 in the UK Stars of Tomorrow. In 2011, she was also featured in Nylon Magazine’s 2011 Young Hollywood edition.

For her brilliant performances, she also won various awards like Best Actress at the Birmingham Black Film Festival, Best Female Performance, and the Best Onscreen performance at the Cultural Diversity Awards.

In 2011, she also joined the cast of Vera, performing the role of Holly Lawson; unfortunately, she left the entire show, just after one year.

The other main lead Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù was born on January 9, 1991, and he is an English actor. Sope also made his film debut with Sand Castle, The Huntsman, Winter War, and Criminal in 2016.

Sope was done his educated at Bedford Modern School; he joined in drama and the National Youth Theatre in 2006. He also joined Economics at the University of Birmingham to further continue his studies. Meanwhile, doing his studies, he also spent his time playing QB for the University of Birmingham Lions American Football team.

Sope successfully has done his audition in 2012 for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages Programme. He did his first role as a stage person for Pericles in Shakespeare’s Pericles, Prince of Tyre.

Dirisu returned to his previous National Youth Theatre after the Royal Shakespeare Company; then, he spent almost eight years of training in the REP company program.

He has acted in several television series, like The Mill, Humans, Utopia, Siblings, The Casual Vacancy, and Undercover. He is a very talented actor, and his latest film, His House 2020, was a very successful film of 2020. He supervised his role with diligence and full of facial expressions.

He did an excellent job with his performance and got various awards in his acting career life, like the Ian Charleson Awards. Sope and Mosaku was the perfect combination, packed with incredible performance and acting skills.

His House 2020 Overview

Movie Plot: The story is about two refugees leaving with their daughter Bol (Sope Dirisu), and Rial (Wunmi Mosaku) are refugees fleeing with their daughter Nyagak were from war-torn South Sudan.

When they are crossing the Mediterranean, they faced so many struggles like stormy waters on an overpopulated motorboat; the board is also packed with fellow refugees crossing the deadly open sea all their way to search for a better future in Europe.

Although all the board members survived that deadly crossing, while some can’t handle the crossing, their daughter was involved with others. When all the members are finally allowed probational shelter in Britain, then after spending almost three months, the government hires them a shabby house that also consists of such disgusting peeling walls and dark type of furnishings on the outskirts of London.

The government, along with the houses, provide them with strict restrictions, or if any member doesn’t follow the rules, they may face deportation. However, later, when Bol and Rial shifted to their new house, they experienced racism and hatred from their home neighbors.

They also arranged a meeting with their caseworker Mark (Matt Smith), and he tells them his hopes and trust that they are two of “the good ones.”

Bol decides to learn: he also sings some famous football songs, asks Rial to manage utensils instead of her hands when they eat, and even dimes how he dresses. Bol needs to prove to the government that he and Rial fit in the UK.

However, Rial sticks to their culture. Rial recalls their daughter’s necklace, skirts in colorful clothes, and usually sits on the floor while they eat instead of using a table. Both Bol and Rial shortly experience strange and alarming events in their new home provided by the government and further see visions of Nyagak along with a mysterious man, and they both escape within the walls.

Rial doesn’t need long to work out and find the evil happenings in their new house: “night witch.” Rial also tells Bol the complete story of a poor man who lived in her village who unexpectedly stole from an apeth through the river.

When the robber made his home, the apeth went in with him and frightened him. She believes that an apeth or night witch has followed them until they repay their mortgage, the apeth or night witch will bring Nyagak back to them.

However, it is not directly clear what the “debt” is that they want to repay. Bol burns out each and everything they took with them while shifting in their new house, but, that night witch continues to torture him, and things worsen between Rial and Bol.

Bol then decided to go to Mark and demands a new agreement under the form that their part is filled with rats, but he failed to convince Mark.

Bol tears apart her entire new house to see the night witch, which apparently threatens them day and night. After that, all the things she has done with the house, she finally tells Bol that she wants to leave the house right now.

But Bol has his plans; he locked Rial into the house until he clear all the depts. Bol also said that he won’t leave the house until he finds out that apeth himself. However, Rial insists Bol leave the house and go with her to their old village.

Later, Mark visits their house so that he can inspect the area to find it fixed. Bol and Rial tell Mark they have preferred to stay in that house and turn it into their new home. They also said to the Marl that Rial had killed the witch, and now nothing haunts them.

In the end, we see Rial and Bol standing in their doorway with other strange immigrants, who stare into another door packed with people left behind.

More Information Related To The Movie: His House

Original LanguageEnglish (UK)
GenreMystery And Thriller, Drama
ProducerAidan Elliott
DirectorRemi Weekes
Runtime1h 30m
Release Date (Streaming)Oct 30, 2020
Production CoBBC Films, New Regency Pictures

His House 2020 Directed By Remi Weekes

Remi Weekes is a very talented and famous director, writer, and editor. He has done various movies, including Exhale, Mine all Mine in 2004, and his latest movie, His House 2020. His House is the latest 2020 horror thriller film, which is directed and written by Remi Weekes and caught from a well-known story by Felicity Evans and Toby Venables.

However, Remi Weekes didn’t disclose all his data on Wikipedia or other websites. He is a timid plus silent man who loved to write and direct movies in his own way. He actually writes stories from his heart and mind to deliver such an immense amount of actions and emotional scenes all the way.

Remi’s latest movie, His House 2020, is about a horror plus thriller act that consists of a couple who faced so much trouble and a “night witch” type of strange activities in their new home.

The couple is migrated from their village to the UK, and in the middle of their migration process, they cross a sea where they left their daughter. Although, their daughter was slipped and drowned from the ship because of bad weather conditions.

When they shifted to their new home through the government process, they faced some strange activities within the house walls.

Remi Weekes never failed to impress his audience. Thus, his stories and climax always make us shocked and entertained, as well. His latest movie, His House, also gained so many positive reviews and ratings.

He is very talented and one of those famous directors who surprisingly wrote such impressive stories, especially those horror ones. Remi’s movies are very entertained and packed with a lot of emotions and humor at the same time.

The Complete Cast And Crew Of The Movie: His House

His House was produced by a British production company named Starchild Pictures, managed by producers Ed King along with Martin Gentles. In August 2017, there was an announcement that happened with Remi Weekes would lead the film through his direction from a screenplay he already wrote.

The Weinstein Company registered a claim against Starchild Pictures, alleging they had withdrawn from an unsigned distribution agreement. However, in March 2018, the complete cast and crew were announced with the names includes:

  • Wunmi Mosaku
  • Sope Dirisu
  • Matt Smith
  • Javier Botet and Cornell John
  • Emily Taaffe
  • Malaika Abigaba

Whereas the main leads of the movie are Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu. They joined the film with the other cast later. Thus, New Regency Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment, and BBC Films were already set to produce or even finance the movie. In May 2018, Matt Smith was the one who unexpectedly joined the cast, and that was actually very late.

The film had its first world premiere on 27 January 2020 at the Sundance Film Festival. Also, Netflix received distribution rights to the movie. The movie was, later on, released on 30 October 2020.

The film continues an endorsement rating, and that would be based on 80 reviews, also consists of an average rating of 8.10/10. We have picked with the website’s critic’s consent reads, “Starring genuine fears through every passage,

His House is a terrifying appearance at the souls of the refugee experience and a beautiful feature debut for Remi Weekes.” The movie is a super hit and collected many positive reviews and a 72/100, mostly.

Critics And Reviews Of The Movie: His House

Independent (UK) (Clarisse Loughrey) 11 November 2020

A powerful debut from director/writer Remi Weekes, hereabouts serving a story done by Felicity Evans and Toby Venables.

San Jose Mercury News (Randy Myers) 9 November 2020

Elliott’s intelligent screenplay reveals out surprises that are as reliable as they are trying.

Rolling Stone (K. Austin Collins) 3 November 2020

His House is a powerful film and exciting — even it is packed with horrors risk repetition as the film uses on — for its mysterious merging of executive experience and the common, dangerous haunted-house thrills.

Los Angeles Times (Justin Chang) 2 November 2020

The script’s most original fact is to blur our mind of what kind of film we might be watching; maybe it could be a thriller of a haunted house or a picture of the refugee experience?

FilmWeek (KPCC – NPR Los Angeles) (Claudia Puig) 30 October 2020

It has the perfect haunted house details, but it’s much more in-depth, and it’s also about characters suffering from their trauma.

FilmWeek (KPCC – NPR Los Angeles) (Amy Nicholson) 30 October 2020

A total knockout. When we search for the horror kind to tell us stories with such an emotional depth, this film does it entirely.

indieWire (David Ehrlich) 30 October 2020

“His House” is a crucial and spine-chilling ghost story regarding living in a new house and what you can suffer while living in it.

New York Magazine/Vulture (Bilge Ebiri) 30 October 2020

His House is wonderfully made, and its fears are badly significant, but its pictures of real-world terror remain unresolved, its ghosts unvanquished. The movie leaves you with scars that won’t heal.

RogerEbert.com (Odie Henderson) 30 October 2020

The energy level is deep in the haunting scenes; the movie is mind-blowing and gives you so much to thoughts about when you come to the climax.

Associated Press (Mark Kennedy) 30 October 2020

By making the migrant crisis within a horror-film range, “His House” has forcibly caught the shocks of the refugee experience.

New York Post (Johnny Oleksinski) 29 October 2020

Throughout, Mosaku and Dirisu excite an engaging character study.

AV Club (Anya Stanley) 28 October 2020

Such a decisive, heart-wrenching turn on the typical haunted house story.

Globe and Mail (Barry Hertz) 27 October 2020

There is an excellent short film wrapping in His House’s corridors – it requires a slight renovation.

Observer (UK) (Simran Hans) 26 October 2020

Sterling jump scares are given by the film’s spooky audio design, as well as tremendous performances from Mosaku and Dirisu, whose fear is apparent.

Times (UK) (Ed Potton) 24 October 2020

There are repetitions of the Japanese chiller Dark Water, rolling apples, holes in the wall, and further extreme terrors. Yet, Weekes holds the horror rooted in the couple’s pain and guilt.

Financial Times (Danny Leigh) 21 October 2020

The movie is exciting and gives you more fear and horror at every turn.

Little White Lies (Anton Bitel) 19 October 2020

Offensive and disorienting haunted house movie. Excellent horror.

Variety (Jessica Kiang) 4 February 2020

An odd but remarkable debut, “His House” is an excellent movie with excellent perspective and scenes.

Hollywood Reporter (Leslie Felperin) 4 February 2020

Seamlessly coordinating classic scary film comparisons with the more severe horror of real-world battle zones, His House describes a disturbing but bracingly artistic feature debut film for British writer-director Remi Weekes.

Guardian (Benjamin Lee) 30 January 2020

There are great performances done by Dirisu and Mosaku, their acting skills and roles of great technical plus passionate difficulty, ensuring our investment in their mission.

RogerEbert.com (Nick Allen) 28 January 2020

In Weekes’ concept, which remembers early George Romero and Wes Craven, you can find numerous terrors for everyone to be haunted by and are all portion of a story that is as thoughtfully done as it is terrifying.

Black Horror Movies (Mark H. Harris) 27 January 2020

Well, the overall quality and performances of the film are just mind-blowing. Remi Weekes just did his job so correctly, and he describes every scene so intensely.

Daily Dead (Heather Wixson) 26 January 2020

Mosaku and Sope confidently played the characters. They did an excellent job representing such outstanding roles and performances. And, of course, all thanks to the Weekes for his direction and support.

Audience Reviews Of The Movie: His House

Ahjahta M

It makes me scared, but the movie is perfect.

 Pasindu P

This film was very intellectually demanding, actually got you recalling about the underlying issues, with of course the excellent spirit element 🙂

Mark C

Fucking remarkable in every interest. Bol and Rial grab you and never allow you to let go.

Nicole Y

Spooky environment, psychologically painful, focuses on how a man’s conscience can easily shatter someone’s past crime. Quite a phenomenal performance, I must say.

Jerry H

The stupid film, I don’t like the idea of showing a refugee couple with so much hardship and struggle, and the worst point was when they lost their daughter. Terrific.

Robert I

If you’re searching for scares, His House may disappoint you. It is shallow on them. There are horror details, but the horror is low on quality. There are also some good scenes as well.

Melissa L

It is an excellent mix of real-life issues and scary moments. The refugee couple Bol and Rial made a perfect couple, and their acting was superb.

Caitline M

The purpose was ok and noticeable, but the movie is just nonsense for me. I don’t like this horror film concept, and it is not that much horror at all.

Paige M

I think that the film is incredibly well done! Weekes is just a fantastic and mind-blowing director who wrote up this awesome movie with so much deligation and effort.

Terry S

It has been a while since I watched a scary movie this good.

Matt W

First time I watched a horror movie with this much emotion and tears in my eyes. I cried when their daughter drowned in the sea. The film is creepy hell.

Kathy Y

A horror film in every thought of the word. The film will surely hold you back to tears and break your heart,

Morgan S

I loved the film. I loved the story, and the leading characters are perfect, in every sense. The climax is deserving of a stand-up card of courage, beauty, and truth.

Alejandro C

Honest. Classic. A terrible movie.

Kochin K

I sit with my dog to watch the end. It is really a good film.

Benny O

Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu’s performances as a Sudanese mated couple are genuinely heartbreaking and tragic in how their personalities continue onto their past and their ideas, further strengthening the pain that they strive to relinquish.

Sal O

The ending is excellent. I love the perfect scenes and the picture quality! Also, the horror could be fixed, but it is an overall great film.

Mohammad A

Such a spine-chilling horror film has been packed with more profound thoughts and cinematic scenes. I love the concept and the performances of the characters, especially Bol and Rial.

Nick M

His House by Remi Weekes, hats off to the man who wrote such a meaningful story and filled with memorable characters. The storyline of the film is actually based on a reality, I have seen such refugees in my life with that much struggles.

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