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Main Actor And Actress Of The Movie: HOST

There are two main leading characters of the movie HOST, and their names are Haley Bishop and Jemma Moore. However, the movie Host is the latest piece of art 2020 British found footage horror film.

The movie HOST is directed by the great Rob Savage whereas, the script is written by Savage, Jed Shepherd, and Gemma Hurley.

Although, the two main leads of the movie Haley Bishop and Jemma Moore, are two young females representing their acting performances and leaving the audience mesmerized.

The film also has different actors and actresses, including Haley Bishop and Jemma Moore. The other roles were played by Emma Louise Webb, Caroline Ward, and Radina Drandova.

Furthermore, Haley Bishop is an American born actress, screenwriter, and producer. She is best known for a variety of her roles in films like Host (2020), in 2019 Angel Has Fallen, and in 2016 the horror category Dawn of the Deaf.

She also has her very own production company with the name of Bish Media. Haley Bishop was born in the areas of Detroit, Michigan, and raised in Tucson, Arizona.

However, Bishop did her graduation in 2010 from San Diego State University while holding a bachelor’s in Theatre and Performance. She is also known for her different roles in movies like Overdue as Jen (2009), Bart as Lucy (2011), Craving Company as Beth (2013), Roll Over Play Dead as Stacy (2013), Glow as Anna (2015), We Will Meet Again as Irene (2016), Things We Never Say as Lucy (2017), and much more.

Haley Bishop is a very talented actress plus producer who has made many films and done theater to get lots of fame and success in the film industry.

Now, let’s move to our second main lead of the movie HOST, Jemma Moore. Jemma Moore is the second lead of Rob Savage’s movie ‘HOST’ (2020).

In 2018 Moore was starred in Warner Brothers’ production of the film “Wonder Woman” as QUEEN’s GUARD. Earlier, Jemma was starred in the movie “The Double” by Richard Ayoade and “The Place We Go To Hide” by Zawe Ashton.

In 2017, She also won the competition of “ABC Discovers UK Digital Talent,” which made her unique in ABC. Jemma is the one who also known for her famous and successful on-screen roles like HARRIET in the film “Among Sweet Flowers And Shades” by Tristan Shepherd and in a short sci-fi short film “Phoenix 38” as Nika (June 2017).

Jemma is not only known for performing her on-screen roles, but she is also an award-winning producer; she won the award in 2016s festival “Let’s All Be Free Festival,” winning the BEST award NARRATIVE SHORT and BEST AFRICAN FILM.

She has got various awards for her production skills, and due to her performances, she gains lots of fame and success. Her name is count in one of those great actresses and producers who managed to give their best on the screen, as well as off-screen.

Her acting performance in the movie HOST is tremendous. That’s why we think the movie will surely get a seat in the upcoming How to Watch Oscar awards 2021.

The Movie HOST; Overview

Movie Plot: the story of the movie follows the story of a quarantine. A group of friends has decided to get zoom calls weekly in the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Friends plan to stay in touch with each other while following zoom calls every week.

After spending some weeks happily, one of a friend (Haley Bishop as Haley) hired a medium for this week’s call, the name is Seylan, to guide them in the process of a try to communicate with spirits.

However, one of their friend, Teddy, deliberately left the chat because of the interruption by his girlfriend, Jinny. At the moment of the séance, Jemma (played the character as Jemma) pretends to have communicated with a friend who performed suicide. However, Jack later reveals that the suicide story was fake after Seylan leaves out of the call.

The left people start to feel strange, terrifying events; an invisible force draws Emma’s glass breaks, in the same moment, Haley thinks that her chair is going to break on its own, and Caroline notices a hanging body in her attic.

Though, after suffering from all of those sudden happenings, Haley heads to get herself back in touch with Seylan to tell her of sudden things that have happened.

When Haley contact Seylan and tells her everything, she thinks that Jemma’s prank could have impacted a demonic spirit, which has brought on the appearance of ‘Jack’ and starts to give them guidance on stopping the séance.

The spirit disrupts this by creating more dangerous events, and Seylan’s call suddenly drops out again. Due to this, Caroline was killed by nature by smashing her face repeatedly into her desk. Then, the subsequent sudden death appears to Radina and her boyfriend name Alan, both of them dropped off from a great height.

Jemma and Haley argue, giving each other the blame for the prank and hired a medium. Suddenly, Haley pulled off-screen; after seeing this, Jemma got scared and immediately left her home to investigate Haley in person.

Teddy then responds to the call again, and the spirit attacks him immediately (and the energy is in the form of a zombie who looks like a corpse demon) to kill Jinny by breaking her neck.

Teddy is later beaten senseless and burned alive. The next death happens to Emma by the spirit after being forced to fall from her balcony with her backyard table’s help.

Caroline’s father’s locations are still anonymous at this point. Jemma gets it to Haley’s place but is pushed by the spirit while seeing other supernatural phenomena happen nearby her.

She survives to find Haley sneaking below her desk. The pair tries to leave the house with the help of Haley’s Polaroid camera’s flash to quickly lighten up their ways and leave the house as soon as possible. The zoom calls timers going to expire, and the spirit attacks them.

However, the film’s climax part was like when Haley scrolled through Zoom participants’ list, telling the honors of all who served on it.

More Information Related To The Movie: HOST

Original languageEnglish
GenreMystery And Thriller, Horror
WriterRob Savage, Gemma Hurley, Jed Shepherd
DirectorRob Savage
Release Date (Streaming)30 July 2020

The Movie HOST Directed By Rob Savage

Rob Savage is known for writing and directing famous films and television commercials. He is a multi-award-winning director who worked hard day and night to deliver such outstanding stories depends on reality, mostly.

He has worked in various features, commercials, and television. Rob is a very talented person, or we can say, he is a GOD gifted personality who is also an admirable person to many others.

He directed, wrote, co-produced, shot, and edited the micro-budget feature movie Strings when he was 17 years old. And his movie premiered first time at the Rome Film Festival.

The film was taken for final release by Vertigo Films; however, the BFI released the movie. Savage won the Discovery Award for the youngest director category at the British Independent Film Award to win a BIFA.

His name was also screened for the film to a Screen International Star of Tomorrow. Rob’s television production includes several of his work directed and written for Channel 4, Sky, and FX. He led three of Jez Butterworth’s big-budget Roman story “Britannia” to produce Neal Street Productions.

Rob has recently directed the guide episode of “For Life,” a Black Mirror way collection show for AMC. Savage is currently busy developing several TV and film projects like ‘Dawn of the Deaf,’ and the producers are Rob Watson & Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly (Lady Macbeth).

Rob Savage also developed psychical horror “Seaholme” and the BFI, even “SALT” with Chernin Entertainment. The Host was shot while quarantine limitations were in a spot due to the pandemic COVID-19, and Rob had to lead the actors/actresses remotely while they had to set up their cameras, stunts, and lighting.

The actors/actresses and a virtual class also worked practical impacts on fixing up effects like “moving doors, performing tasks fly off shelves.” Rob has declared that the film got twelve weeks to end, from inception to its delivery to Shudder.

Rob is a well-known director who performed in various films, whereas he also produced his latest movie, HOST, a horror-thriller film that captures 100% rating from different sites.

The Complete Cast And Crew Of The Movie: HOST

The movie has its source in a short video produced by Rob Savage at the beginning of 2020. Savage made a short story movie which shows an incredible moment of friends who managed to make zoom calls to stay in touch with others.

This short featured film by Savage shows such horror and thriller packed with humor as well. The group of friends shows in this film investigating strange sounds while Savage in his attic.

They managed to perform their art of acting while on a group video to chat with others. The movie was made to look like a prank, as the others were uninformed that a scary appearance suddenly pops up on camera, then Savage put the whole video online, and the video goes viral.

Savage found the setup easy to view and preferred to apply it via a feature-length film. Rob has said that the short’s film success allowed him to design Host.

The Host was released as a Shudder private on 30 July 2020. The movie HOST is packed with a super thrilling performance by the cast. They all performed very well to complete the movie without any single pause or disturbance.

Common appreciation for Host focused around its ideas of social division and anxiety. The movie also gets so much fame and success to win the achievement and betterment of the future.

Critics And Reviews Of The Movie: HOST

Little White Lies (David Jenkins) 4 December 2020

Good directors cover limitations, and Rob Savage has more than to prove his value in front of the audience.

Times (UK) (Kevin Maher) 4 December 2020

The movie is foolish where you are yelling, “Just switch the bloody lights.”

The Australian (Stephen Romei) 31 August 2020

There are many spaces where you can jump scares, which got all my attention because we see them through webcam. (Chris Stuckmann) 11 August 2020

The signs, performances, and the experienced way [director] Savage fixes up his fears save this movie.

Empire Magazine (Al Horner) 3 August 2020

Host exceeds its high-concept premise in delivering unique ideas – and scream-worthy wonders an adrenaline-spiking fresh part on a well-worn thriller format.

Guardian (Benjamin Lee) 3 August 2020

The Host is an intense, dirty little exercise that may not stay for very long, but it explains what can be achieved throughout this challenging time.

Austin Chronicle (Richard Whittaker) 31 July 2020

Savage made the movie with perfection and reality force. It describes so perfectly and shows the horror and terror with so much passion for making this pandemic time even stronger and more powerful.

Bloody Disgusting (Meagan Navarro) 31 July 2020

As strong as the acts and possible results are, particularly for a film that started together instantly, for season horror fans, this one would be the best for them to watch it now in the pandemic situations.

Pajiba (Kristy Puchko) 30 July 2020

Though the movie starts with a slow beginning, once the scares begin to torture you, you will start to love Savage to make such a great movie.

New York Times (Kyle Turner) 30 July 2020

“Host” follows uncannily the supernatural, temporary, and material worlds crashing together, indicating an unknown fate. (Simon Abrams) 30 July 2020

Savage, with his co-writers Jed Shepherd and Gemma Hurley, does a fine, satisfying job fixing up their film’s better-set pieces. Still, it’s hard to ignore some simple foreshadowing here, moreover some ham-fisted comparison there.

Daily Dead (Heather Wixson) 29 July 2020

Well, no doubt that Savage is a savage. He deserves all the appreciation and clapping from the audience. The Host is one of those prestigious movies that indeed make you jump over to your sofa’s, that would be again and again. (Luke Buckmaster) 29 July 2020

It would mean a little rich to define Host as a comparison for fear of isolation or comparison for anything. But it seems to reflect up-to-date forms of powerlessness.

Film Festival Today (Victoria Alexander) 28 July 2020

Friends get together to attend an evening to play and enjoy their fun and games. They beg up a devil. What will you do if it happens to you?

Smash Cut Reviews (Karl Delossantos) 27 July 2020

Well, I think the film is far from the story; I mean, it is only 57 minutes long, but it gives me the feeling of more than an hour. However, it stretches its exciting basis to the max. Yet, it performs an anxiety-inducing environment linked with genuinely chilling terror setpieces that holds you online.

Arts Fuse (Peg Aloi) 16 July 2020

Its production game is genius to turn our pandemic routine into some exciting one. The movie is satisfying and full of terror for sure.

The Sun (UK) (Jamie East) 25 July 2020

What creativity they prepared in the lockdown environment. The movie is delivering a helpful hand to those people who are underwhelming in this COVID19 period. The Host is a perfect movie with lots of horror and chilling effects.

That Shelf (Victor Stiff) 25 July 2020

Host’s eerie proof, rock-solid shows, and break-neck pacing continue up to a thrilling fright-fest intended to fuel endless nightmares.

Thrillist (Scott Weinberg) 24 July 2020

The obvious hook of the “online medium haunting” would be the best part of this movie. And of course, those exciting characters that played their roles very well and with full of passion.

We Bought a Blog (Alan French) 23 July 2020

Savage and partnership add awesome, terrifying kills and scratches throughout. The variety of fears is one of the impressive standard features of the film.

Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews (Dennis Schwartz) 22 July 2020

This paranormal horror, a found-footage thriller film, gives you memorable scares.

Cultured Vultures (Sam Preston) 21 July 2020

With a quick running time that uses stress to build to a great climax and the correct balance of special forces and camera tricks, Rob Savage works a creepy and terrifying horror film that utilizes lockdown to its success.

Mashable (Alexis Nedd) 20 July 2020

Though Host needs a spot on a computer screen, it seems different from past attempts through laptop horror because its central photography took place doing the characters’ devices.

Cinelipsis (Federico Furzan) 22 July 2020

A film’s complete gem reveals significant studio rules and systems and manages to provide us 56 minutes of simple, pragmatic nightmare fuel.

Audience Reviews Of The Movie: HOST

Matt C

Producing a blend of creativity and ability to the fear genre, Host indicates an encouraging debut from director Ron Savage.

Lee Mac

The movie Host is almost 50 minutes ending “laptop horror” film; it carries an economic blow. There is an individual scene that touched me. Good. The discovery adds to the fear and humor at times. Moreover, can we provide it up for the moment of editing these films?

Joey K

The Host is the sort of movie that can give you a feel of anxiety and terror at the same time. You will indeed feel a lot of fear and thrill, especially at the end of the film.

Doug H

An artistic film was shown of social quarantine restrictions, ‘Host’ gives a breathtaking, terrifying-inducing rollercoaster that’s sweet, short, and amazing.

Walter Y

In the way that Zoom explains are nowadays, this movie expresses a good impact over to us. It is entirely horror, thriller, and yes, some clips give me goose-bumps as well. You can enjoy the movie for sure if you are one of those horror fans who are desperately waiting for something new. Just watch the film now and make your quarantine time more exciting and enjoyable.

John U

Only the most potent example of quarantine-fueled directing ability so far.


The movie brightens with how strong and fluid it appears from a fictional sense, and it’s intensified with potent scares and beautiful moments of fear.

James P

The Host is a well-made, stress-inducing horror-ride from beginning to finish – plus the point that it was all performed through quarantine is an impressive marvel in itself.

Mellisa U

Host carries a fast-race, shocking punch while bringing us to a capable cast. It is a unique way to use an hour of your time. You need to turn off your lights, and yes, don’t forget to turn up your volume to double your entertainment level.

Matt R

The Host creates a dilemma in the Paranormal Activity movies, checking point-of-view within laptop shades as the danger signs increase.

Abbie T

It’s an extraordinary piece of the outstanding director who provides us with such a perfect filming moment to enjoy our quarantine and make us feel to live again.


Host’s adrenaline-spiking new catch on a well-worn horror form exceeds its high-concept basis in delivering innovative ideas – and scream-worthy wonders. The movie is perfect and gives some real terror.

Scream KJ

The Host is an intense, nasty short exercise that might not idle for a very longspun, but it proves what can be achieved through this challenging time.

David H

Savage has scented refreshing life within a sub-genre that gives you a pleasant and long floundering for different inspirations. You will love to repeatedly watch the movie, especially in this pandemic situation where everyone is like to kill someone (jokes apart). Do watch this movie right now and enjoy your isolation time peacefully and full of energy.

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