Oscar awards 2021, also known as Academy Awards 2021, was planned to be held on February 28, 2021. Just because of the pandemic of Covid-19, the event has been postponed to April 2021.

As practiced in history, the Oscar awards 2021 will be held in Dolby Theater, Hollywood, Los Angeles. This event carries additional attention for people who belong to the entertainment/film industry and their fans. Because this event was announced two times but postponed due to Covid-19 and still everyone has rumors about it.

How to watch Oscar awards 2021?

Most people have been waiting for this magnificent event. They are very anxious to know where to watch the Oscar awards 2021.

The anxiously waiting fans would be able to watch the awards with the help of a laptop and a good internet connection. You can watch live Oscar awards 2021 by using this platform.

How to Watch Oscar Awards 2021 Live Streaming

It isn’t easy to arrange such a mega event by following the SOPs of social distancing. That’s why some people ask that still Oscar awards going to be held? By keeping in mind people’s curiousness, we bring a lot of information for our readers related to this event, such as the changes from previous events, how to watch Oscar awards 2021, and when to watch Oscar awards 2021 answers many other questions. Stay tuned with us to get to know more about this event.

What Time Is The Oscars 2021?

The event will be telecast live at the ABC Television Network at 8:00 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Well, the Red Carpet will be aired at 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT.

Live Streaming Oscar Awards 2021

All the big fans of this event want to enjoy the magnificent event. Several other options are still available to get the event’s live streaming.

If you have just subscribed to the cable services, you can enjoy the event free without paying any cost. But if you are the one who has not availed the cable services yet, then you can get an idea of how to get the live streaming Oscar awards 2021:


Suppose you are a subscriber of any specific TV services or have subscribed to the satellite services, including the ABC channel.You would be able to watch or get the Oscar awards. You can watch Oscar awards 2021 from anywhere, either from your office, home, or from anywhere you have just subscribed to the services.

The ABC channel lets the viewers enjoy the event but keep in mind that some media have a geo-restriction. So, it is might possible that you may have to face a blackout.

You can watch the event by downloading the application of ABC. Besides, one can also enjoy the even live at their smartphones or tablet through different other application or streaming links.

Without Cable

Suppose you are not availing of the cable services or just have canceled your subscription. In that case, you can find different other the best alternatives.

Different alternatives are available, but the best option to enjoying the event is premium media streaming services. The ABC channel offers it as the PPV event.Suppose you are not a subscriber of TV satellite or media streaming services.You will have to purchase the PPV to get the Oscars live streaming.

You can also pick a live streaming service offered by different regular media streaming services. So, choose the one just according to your needs or requirements. But remember that these services are not available in other regions just because of the geo-restriction policy.

Hulu Live TV

The TV channel has just been providing the best streaming services all around America, and it is quite popular in the country. It is one of the best options for all those who have not availed of the cable services. You can help with these services in different areas of America. You need to check whether you would be eligible to available for these services or not.

Moreover, the streaming quality depends on different factors, including the internet connection. With a strong internet connection, you would be able to get and enjoy the best streaming services. In this way, you can enjoy the vent without any issue.

Besides it, Hulu also offers different packages. In this way, you can get the one just following your budget. And then you can enjoy the services from the beginning to the end without any flaw.

PlayStation Vue

It is the best and most popular choice for all those who want to enjoy the event without any flaw. Well, it is quite popular among all those who love the Sony Playstation brand.

The PlayStation is one of the best and the simplest way to watch the Oscar 2021. and above all no need to get a cable subscription.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has gained much popularity as the best option to enjoy the glorious event. Here, you would not have to pay for the cable or not even for the cable subscription. Instead of it, you can enjoy the event by paying an affordable price.

If you are using YouTube, you can quickly get to know about YouTube TV and get the event’s live streaming.But remember that a good strong, and high-speed internet connection is needed to enjoy the event without any flaw.

 YouTube TV has countless incredible features that can change your experience. Well, it is one reliable way to get live streaming services.

Suppose you are facing problems while entering the ZIP on other services. In the case of YouTube TV, you will not meet these types of issues. Above all, YouTube TV is acceptable in almost all areas.

Sling TV

The Sling TV services are the next incredible option to get the live streaming of the event. It is the best alternative if you are not availing of the cable services. The services are available at an economical price and lets you enjoy a flawless event. Above all, you can get all of these services without paying high.

Like the other alternatives, again, the quality of the internet connection matters a lot if you have not a decent internet connection;  the services may not work as correctly as expected.

The viewers can use any device to watch the event using the Sling TV, as it is compatible with different services. The TV works perfectly with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Well, you will also find it compatible with various other services. The list of compatible devices is available on their official website, and you can also check out that.

Oscar On Free Over-the-Air TV

ABC channel takes the responsibility to telecast the event. It is the only channel that has been telecasting the Oscar awards. Till 2028, the track will provide you the complete coverage of the event.

All those who are not satellite clients can switch to the HD antenna to get the coverage. After setting the antenna, you will have to make sure that whether the ABC services are working n your area or not.

If you get the streaming, it means the services are working in your area. But if you failed to get the streaming, the benefits would not be available in your area.

Watch Oscar 2021 on the ABC Go App

It is the official application from the ABC channel. It is the legal way to watch the Oscar awards 2021. keep in mind that it is an application, which one can install on mobile phones, or tablets. The application is available from iOS, Apple TV, Android, and Amazon.

You need to go to the ABC Go App and catch the live streaming of the glorious event. The services are available in some specific areas, including Houston, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, North Carolina, Fresno, and  California. But, if you are not living in these areas, you will have to search for an alternative.

Like other services, all these services will be worth considering if you have a strong internet connection.

Live streaming Oscar awards 2021 On Your iPhone Or iPad

You can watch the event directly from your iPad or iPhone very quickly. But before watching the awards, you will have to download the ABC application on your device. And after that, you can get the live streaming Oscar awards 2021.

In this way, you can not only enjoy the live event, but you can also get the streaming of all the backstage events, red carpet along with the main event.

But keep in mind that the application is just available in a few selected markets. So you may not find the application if you are not in the right place.

How Can I Get Live Streaming Of Oscar Awards 2021 On Social Media?

No, the social media sites may provide you the related information or get interesting content at these sites. You may also contact the legal ways to watch the awards, but you cannot watch the major event live on this platform.

Reddit streams the live footage, and you can enjoy the event from your smartphone or your computer or laptop. If you are a YouTube user, you can subscribe to their channel, and then you can either get the live streaming in pieces or get the full coverage as the event ends.

Different social media, including Facebook or Twitter, will share the pictures or clips later on. In short, you will find the highlight of the main event on all the social media platforms.

How To Get 2021 Oscars Tickets

To get the tickets for the event, you can check the site of the organizers.  Well, this year the rules are very concerning as the organizers are very concerned about the safety. The COVID-19 has badly affected everything. Therefore it is essential to take into notice the health of the participants.

There is no limit to celebrating the festivity, but everyone looks a little bit more concerned due to the pandemic. Therefore, the organizers are also considering to whom they should call and to whom not.

But there is no need to worry at all. You can easily watch online oscar awards 2021. Just stay tuned with us to get to know how to watch and where to watch Oscar awards 2021.

How The Oscar Awards 2021 Will Be Different From The Years Past?

As you know, the year 2020 was quite different from the past years. Therefore, this year the Academy awards will not be similar to the previous events. Consequently, you will witness several changes on the present occasion.

First of all the number of categories has been reducing. And to do so, the best sound editing and best sound mixing types have been mixed. So, instead of these two categories, you will get a single variety of the best sound. It is also expected that you may not find the best original score category this year.

All the voters would not be eligible to participate in the voting rounds for the best international feature film categories as they used to be in the past years.

A copy of the event on CDs or DVDs will be available and distributed among all the voters and workers.

Why Are Oscars The Most Popular Than Any Awards In The World?

The Oscar award plays a very crucial role in the success of the actor and film both. The prize can enhance the actor or film’s worth and makes their journey a remarkable success story. The Academy Awards were started a long time ago and are very popular worldwide for several reasons.

First of all, all the films are considered eligible for the Oscar awards without considering the language, making it better than other awards. Peer recognition and competition make it different from others.

Well, it is a fact that the Academy Awards include different categories, which may decrease its importance. But a strong competition among the nominees keeps it interesting till the results are not declared.

Who Will Be The Nominees Of Oscar Awards 2021?

Still, no one knows about the nominees. The voting process for nominations starts on January 21, 2021 (Thursday) and ends on January 27, 2021. After the voting, the nominees announced on February 3, 2021, while the final vote starts on February 19 and ends on February 25, 2021.

The final list of all the nominees will be announced on February 25, 2021. Then you can know who gets nominated for Oscar Awards 2021 or 93rd Academy Awards 2021.

Who Will Perform At The 2021 Oscars?

How is it possible that the event does not include some of the memorable performers? But, the name of the participants has not been declared yet.

But it is expected that some of the well-known performers like Cynthia Erivo, Idina Menzel, Randy Newman, Elton John, Les Miserables are expected to show their talent in the event.

Categories For The Oscar Awards 2021

Here all the categories of the Oscar awards 2021:

  1. Best Picture
  2. Best Actor
  3. Best Actress
  4. Best Director
  5. Best Supporting Actor
  6. Best Supporting Actress
  7. Best Adapted Screenplay
  8. Best Animated Feature
  9. Best Original Screenplay
  10. Best Production Design
  11. Best Cinematography
  12. Best Film Editing
  13. Best Makeup and Hairstyling
  14. Best Costume Design
  15. Best Sound
  16. Best Visual Effects
  17. Best Original Song
  18. Best Original Score
  19. Best Documentary Feature
  20. Best International Feature

What Movies Are QualifiedFor The 2021 Academy Awards

Covid-19 has just changed everything, and the same is in the case of Oscar awards. Due to the pandemic, all the studies were closed. Therefore the filmmaker failed to complete their projects. As a result, they had extended the 2021 Oscar eligibility window.

On regular days, the movies released from January 1 to December 31 are considered eligible for the Oscar awards. In 2020, nothing happened the way it used to be; therefore, the Oscars awards criteria 2021 have also been changed.

This year, all the films or movies released between January 1, 2020, to February 28, 2021, are considered eligible for awards.

Several other changes have also been made this year. New rules have been adapted just because of these unexpected and extraordinary circumstances.

As all the cinemas were not open due to safety reasons, most movies have not completed their seven-day run time in the cinemas. Moreover, the studios have been forced to change their decisions to release the film. Most of the films were not released, but instead of that, they were streamed or VOD.

All the films that have either streamed or VOD are considered eligible for the Oscars awards 2021. /but they have fulfilled all the other requirements.

Moreover, in this way, most blockbuster movies will get a little more consideration who have not been released just the way they were planned.

Besides it, another announcement was also made this year. All the movies were not released in the theaters due to the COVID-19 will be considered eligible for the Academy Awards.

The period has been extended. Therefore it is expected that more films will be considered for the awards.

But Netflix has released all of these films like David Fincher’s Mank, Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, Ron Howard’s Hillbilly Elegy, and Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial the Chicago 7.All of these movies are expected to be released this year.,

Who’s Hosting The 2021 Oscars

Well, it might surprise you that the host for the Oscars awards 2021 has not been released yet as the show is about a few months away. Hence, no one knows whether the vaccinations will be available at that time or not time.

And above all, will it be possible to conduct the Oscars awards 2021 traditionally. So, that’s why it is too early to announce the host of the Oscars awards 2021

Besides it, as you all know, the event has not had a host for the past two years. Therefore one could say nothing will take this year the tradition will be different, or it will continue just like the last years.

Well, the producers have to decide on the host or format of the event. The president said that it would be a fantastic and dream event. The Academy is very excited to work with the producers to deliver an event full of fun and show the movies’, worldwide love.

Where Will The Oscars 2021 Take Place?

The Academy awards 2021 will take place at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. The 93rd Oscar awards will be held on April 25, 2021, and will be telecast live.

If you want to watch your favorite celebrities receiving awards, then you have to watch online Oscar awards 2021. Stay tuned with us. We manage a link to live to a stream of Oscar awards 2021.

When Will The Oscars 2021 Take Place?

The Oscars awards 2021 were scheduled for February 28, 2021. But now, for the security issues and other concerns, the event has been postponed. The event’s new date has been announced, so now the event will be held on April 25, 2021.

Along with the vent’s date, many other changes have also been made in the Oscars awards 2021. All the movies have been released from January 1, 202, to February 28, 2021. So, all the films which have been released in this time will be considered eligible for the awards

According to the Academy’s president, David Rubin, the films have entertained us for a long time. They have played a crucial role in comforting us by keeping us entertained through the darkest times.

And similarly, this year, the movies have played their role just the same way. Therefore, we wish to give flexibility to the filmmakers. So now they can finish and release their films just the way they want without getting panic.

Final Words

The movies play a vital role by inspiring, comforting, and entertaining in the darkest time of life. And the same they have done during the pandemic. Therefore, it is essential to appreciate the hard work of the filmmakers. Thus, the Oscar awards acknowledge the hard work of filmmakers and many others each year.

But this year, the 93rdOscars awards 2021 were scheduled to be held on February 28, 2021. because of the pandemic of COVID-19, the event has been postponed to April 25. 2021. Besides it, a few bit changes have been made in the event, including the eligibility period, categories, and streaming.