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Main Actor And Actress Of The Movie: Miss Juneteenth

There are three leads in the film Miss Juneteenth, a movie about actresses’ struggles, including a single mom and a teenage model. They wanted to enter a beauty queen competition. However, the leading characters are Nicole Beharie, Alexie Chikaeze, and Kendrick Sampson.

Nicole Beharie! She was born on January 3, 1985, and she is an American actress plus singer. Nicole is known for performing in her starring roles, such as the 2008 drama American Violet, the 2011 psychological drama Shame, the 2013 biographical sports drama 42, the 2018 crime drama Monsters and Men, and the latest 2020 independent drama Miss Juneteenth. 

From 2013 to 2016, Nicole worked in the Fox supernatural drama series named Sleepy Hollow. Beharie’s birthplace is in West Palm Beach, Florida. Although Beharie was at her young age, her father transferred to the Foreign Service, and then she grew up in the United Kingdom.  

Thus, she also attended Orangeburg Wilkinson High School in South Carolina. As well, she did her graduation in 2003 from the Arts & Humanities. Nicole was also awarded a Shakespeare scholarship, whereas she also trained in England.

Our other lead name is Alexie Chikaeze, born on January 18, 2002, in Dallas, Texas, USA. This young actress is getting a lot of fame from her latest movie name Miss Juneteenth (2020). Alexis Chikaeze is an American actress, and she is performing her role in the film Miss Juneteenth as Kal Jones. Alexis played the daughter’s character in her latest movie, and she did justice with her role. 

She is a very brilliant young actress who just started her acting career at a very young age. Her dialogue delivery and acting skills are way too perfect. She also knows how to react to sudden situations, and of course, those facial expressions are all outstanding. She worked very hard to fulfill the demands of her fans/audience while watching the film. 

The third lead is Kendrick Sampson, born on March 8 8, 1988; he is an American actor plus activist. He is best known for his characters on The Vampire Diaries, How To Get Away With Murder, Gracepoint, The Flash, and his performance as Nathan on HBO’s Insecure.

Sampson’s birthplace is in Houston, Texas; his parents are Daphne Smith Sampson and Hoyle Sampson Sr. When he was a child, he was enrolled in music lessons. Also, Sampson showed an interest in acting just when he was at the age of 10. 

In 2008, Sampson performed in two different episodes of the ABC Family series Greek; however, he shadowed that up with one of the episodes in 2010 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In July 2013, Sampson confirmed Jesse’s recurring character in the 5th season of The CW series named The Vampire Diaries. 

Furthermore, in January 2014, Kendrick Sampson was added to the character of Dean Iverson in the Fox miniseries named Gracepoint. Back in November 2014, Kendrick Sampson performed in the music video for the song of Hayley Kiyoko, “This Side of Paradise.” 

Kendrick is a very talented actor who performed many roles and got nominations for different Awards Ceremonies. He also started his production company with the name of Sampson Studios.


Movie Plot: The story starts with Nicole Beharie as Turquoise Jones, who is a single mother and lived in a neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas. Turquoise is the former winner of the local Miss Juneteenth pageant contestant in which they offer full college scholarships. 

However, when she finds out that the winner can get the college scholarships, she then put her 15-year-old daughter into it. Her daughter is Kai (played by Alexis Chikaeze) in the same show despite Kai’s apparent lack of interest.

Her daughter Kai isn’t interested in participating in any contest. Yet, Torquoise insisted she enters the competition for a better future. However, those other former Miss Juneteenth winners have already moved on to have successful careers finally. Kai’s birth wrecked Turquoise’s education; thus, Torquoise was forced by the administration to further drop out of college, and for earning, she also works as a stripper. 

To make arrangements and other needs, she currently started working at a bar and part-time as a beautician at a mortuary. The owner of the beautician mortuary is actually romantically involved in her. Though, Turquoise isn’t interested in the owner and still in love with Kai’s father named Ronnie. 

Kai faced many struggles while doing her preparations for the contest of the Miss Juneteenth Pageant. Still, she also wanted to pursue dance rather than this contest. At the moment, when Kai’s father didn’t come up to meet her and fails to proceed with the money for her show dress, Kai’s then forced by her mother to race in her mother’s old gown.

The Miss Juneteenth show goes forward. Over Turquoise’s surprise for her daughter’s talent, she plays Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman, this was the same poem that Turquoise already performed herself, and now she forced Kai to achieve the same as her mother.

However, Turquoise is still proud of her performance. Still, of course, Kai disappoints even to take place in the Miss Juneteenth Pageant. Later that, the bar owner where Torquoise performed as a part-time job suffers from his heart problems and then lets Turquoise know that he is in need to sell the bar now. 

Though, she also offers him a counter-proposal, attempting to buy out his business casually. He accepts her proposal and sells out his business to Turquoise. And then she begins her new life in the form of a businesswoman.

This movie is exciting and showed up the sacrifice and struggles of a young lady who forced her mother to do what she wants. People showed their love for the movie, and there is a perfect chance that this movie grabs a seat in the upcoming Oscars Award 2021

More Information Related To The Movie: Miss Juneteenth

Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorChanning Godfrey Peoples
WriterChanning Godfrey Peoples
ProducerToby Halbrooks, Tim Headington, Jeanie Igoe, James M. Johnston, Theresa Page, Neil Creque Williams
Release Date (Streaming)June 19 2020
Release Date (Theatres)June 19, 2020, Limited
Box Office (Gross USA)$86.3k
Production CoSailor Bear, Ley Line Entertainment
Runtime1h 43m
Aspect RatioScope (2.35:1)

Miss Juneteenth Directed By Channing Godfrey Peoples

Channing Godfrey Peoples is an American film director plus writer. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas. However, she studied theatre at a top-rated university named Baylor University; after that, she joined the School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, at the University of Southern California.

Though, in the beginning, the process of her budding career, she also made her first-ever feature-length film. Channing also did screenwriting tutor in Austin, Texas, where Channing was mentored through Charles Burnett.

This American film writer and director’s latest film Miss Juneteenth has become very famous and got so many exciting reviews. And yes, this one is her first feature film. Channing was honored while celebrating her film Juneteenth and auditing Miss Juneteenth pageants.

Thus, the director of this film’s photography was done by Daniel Patterson. In contrast, the overall production design was done by Olivia Peebles, along with Rachel Dainer-Best was the one who has done costumes.

The entire filming process took place within July and August 2019 in the area of Fort Worth, Texas. Although, Miss Juneteenth’s premiered also had done at 2020 Sundance in the United States. Exciting Competition.

Vertical Entertainment took distribution rights into the film in April 2020. Furthermore, the film got released digitally on the 155th anniversary of Miss Juneteenth, on June 19, 2020.

Well, if we continue calculating the overall earning of the film, then the Miss Juneteenth entirely made $20,946 from the best six theaters at the time of its opening weekend (that would be an average of per venue $3,491), ending sixth with reported films.

However, the director Channing was the most significant source for this film’s success. At the same time, the entire cast contributes their efforts as well.

Therefore, Channing Godfrey Peoples’ directorial debut feature film “Miss Juneteenth” is actually named, which refers to the holiday usually called “Freedom Day” or “Black Independence Day”. This film released on its 155th anniversary of the holiday, Channing can’t back but get the moment a bit bittersweet.

“This film has packed with so much excitement, because, the film goes out within the world and characters being ready to discuss the story that’s been so close and dear to me,” Channing statement. “But we were also faced a tough time, particularly inside the Black community.”

“In the film, we put more focus on the topic of freedom, and we also showed what freedom actually means for Black people. However, we are present in 2020, yet really driving what freedom means for the community of Black people. In this film, we point out the issues of Black people’s freedom and how they survive and able to walk comfortably down the street or even though, to be in their homes”.

Channing also added: “That’s why I tried my best to show the real perspective and meaning of freedom in Black people’s community through the film.” “And I also think that this issue will be resolved soon in our community where Black people can live their lives just the way they want without any issues or restrictions or force.

Complete Cast And Crew Of The Movie: Miss Juneteenth

Miss Juneteenth is another hit American drama film that was directed and written by Channing Godfrey Peoples. However, this fantastic drama story is actually based on the topic of Black people’s freedom and their sacrifices for society. This film is packed with various stars, including:

  • Nicole Beharie
  • Kendrick Sampson
  • Alexis Chikaeze
  • Liz Mikel
  • Marcus Mauldin
  • Jaime Matthis
  • Lori Hayes
  • Akron Watson
  • Phyllis Cicero
  • Lisha Hackney

These celebrities put their best to make the movie super hit and attractive in the eyes of the audience. However, the movie got Gotham Independent Film Awards nominations for the best director and the best actress (for Nicole).

This debut feature film by Channing Godfrey Peoples has lightened a susceptible issue, which is “Freedom.” With the success of this film, people should appreciate the hard work of the entire team.

As we continue to note down the story of the film, it starts with the character of Nicole Beharie (Shame, Little Fires Everywhere) stars as Miss Juneteenth 2004 – who also known as Turquoise “Turq” Jones. Turquoise is a single lonely mother who saves each of her entire life’s pennies just to make her daughter participate in a concert.

Turq worked really hard in a local bar along with a funeral home, just in the hope to provide her daughter with those glory days and peaceful nights. She has her 15-year-old daughter, whose name is Kai (Alexis Chikaeze), and she wanted to repeat her glory days through this contest and put her daughter at this year’s pageant.

Furthermore, this is more than a minor show: the new Miss Juneteenth will probably have her tuition fees paid by the management of her choice’s historically black college.

Thus, the story continues to give us hope and satisfy tears while watching the movie till the end. It has many ups and downs, which makes the movie super hit and excited, of course. The entire cast and crew give their best acting performance to rise the movie into the top list of Oscar awards 2020.

Thus, Miss Juneteenth was delayed its actual releasing date due to the cause of pandemic COVID 19. But, after the discussion between Channing and other production teams, the releasing date was confirmed, and people can watch the movie now.

Miss Juneteenth is Channing’s first feature film that will surely get all the success and fame. It just crosses over $20,946 only from theatres, and still, the counting goes on.

One of the best movies in the year 2020!


The Age (Australia) (Jake Wilson) (October 7 2020)

It’s a unique American drama film that is prepared to risk not becoming the warrior to learn the right lesson — particularly if the director, too, is ambitious to lead on to more important things.

Independent (UK) (Clarisse Loughrey) (September 25 2020)

Channing Godfrey Peoples’ first film, the sweet, tender-hearted Miss Juneteenth, is definitely a picture of a life taken of its dreams.

Guardian (Ellen E Jones) (September 25 2020)

For anyone who appreciates various storytelling, Peoples’ picture of a hardworking single mother on the up is a story of hopefulness and a purpose to hope in itself.

Little White Lies (Cheyenne Bunsie) (June 24 2020)

A skilful, nuanced take on a common survival story!

Time Out (Zach Long) (June 24 2020)

It’s a tale that doesn’t overlook the facts of being Black in America, supporting deep-seated problems that the country remains to engage with.

FilmWeek (KPCC – NPR Los Angeles) (Peter Rainer) (24 June 2020)

A surprisingly sweet movie. It’s a piece of loose, but I guess it actually fits the story itself, which sort of meanders its idea within a variety of sweet feeling.

TheWrap (Steve Pond) (June 22 2020)

Miss Juneteenth serves from detailed, superb performances from Chikaeze and Beharie; as a picture of a society, it’s rich and layered.

New Yorker (Richard Brody) (June 22 2020)

A warmhearted and pain-streaked melodrama that’s deeply anchored in observation and experience.

Los Angeles Times (Justin Chang) (June 22 2020)

There are purpose and meaning in some of its memorial scenes. Still, as Peoples leads her roles toward a beauty-queen climax that looks both expected and not, she hints that performance and pageantry have their purposes.

CNN.com (Brian Lowry) (June 20 2020)

Marking an exciting directorial film, Miss Juneteenth is a heartfelt story of mothers and daughters. It’s additionally an excellent showcase for actress Nicole Beharie.

The New Republic (Josephine Livingstone) (June 19 2020)

Miss Juneteenth is a charming visual mix that has been filmed in pastel colors and ended with gorgeous portrait shots.

New York Magazine/Vulture (Angelica Jade Bastién) (June 19 2020)

Miss Juneteenth is the best movie I have seen so far, especially in this pandemic situation.

New York Post (Johnny Oleksinski) (June 18 2020)

It’s the perfect touching dramedy film about a young woman who is fighting over her sash considering “Little Miss Sunshine.”

New York Times (Lovia Gyarkye) (June 17 2020)

Instead of just portraying the multiple ways black women support their societies, the film goes further to search how such women and black girls help each other.

Tribune News Service (Katie Walsh) (June 16 2020)

Peoples perfectly creates a rich thought into this society. We should appreciate the sacrifice of our Black community people who suffer a lot, day and night.

Rolling Stone (Peter Travers) (June 15 2020)

Talk about love and fear! This awesome mother-daughter American based drama uses the time that indicates the end of slavery and the power pageant that still carries its title to honor young black women.

Audience Reviews Of The Movie: Miss Juneteenth

Tim M

‘Miss Juneteenth’ is bright and beautiful and a fantastic introduction to the value of June 19 to types of people/color in Texas; however, the movie is still very uneven and packed with some heavy-handed and lots of disappointing as well. From my point of view, the subplots are unrelated and unfocused.

Chaz D

The tale is very unrealistic for me, and the casts are too slight. The film is just okay for me, or I can say that it is a good time pass movie to be watched into this Pandemic COVID 19 days.

Wayne M

Miss Juneteenth is a simply exceptional film. It’s short in the story but high in energy and honesty. It’s centred throughout excellent performances from the lead actors, providing a powerful description of surviving.

Eva R

Such a predictable story for me! I could exactly guess each plot point. The film gives me a feel like I have seen this movie before, or maybe, the storyline.

Travis B

It is a pretty excellent and well-maintained movie. I can see lots of plots in the film, and of course, each story gives me different hopes and tears into my eyes.

Haya E

First of all, I like the lead actress that is Nicole Beharie. I also love the originality of her role and the fights attached to it. The film is well-written and described each character so perfectly. 

Deborah P

Loved it! The attachment between the mother and her daughter was so real for me. It actually gives me a realistic depiction of the life that could be attached to a teenager.

David J

Great movie. Miss Juneteenth doesn’t get any type of political statements yet, manages to conduct thought towards the real issues of racial and socioeconomic without even mentioning them; that’s why I like the movie a lot that gives a simple portrait to the world.

Julie H

Fascinating and relevant story. I adored the relationship of the mother and daughter duo and Turquoise holding up all the ownership, just exactly the way she wants, and then empowering herself to pursue her goals.

Morriah L

Amazingly beautiful performances and storyline from the director and the whole cast, Nicole Beharie and Alexis Chikaeze shined!

John A

Nicole Beharie lights as an African American mother who is here to give her daughter everything in her life! And to win the next Miss Juneteenth pageant so that her daughter can take advantage of the opportunities from the reward. 

Yolanda B

This was a fabulous movie and an appealing tale. I loved the way the director focus on my hometown, that is, Fort Worth – also picking up the South Side as well as Lake Como especially. Hats off to the script.

Facebook U

Well, it is good but a little bit longer for me. They took extra time to finish the movie and that seems boring to me.

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