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Main Actor And Actress Of The Movie: ONWARD

Here comes the best-animated version of the movie ONWARD 2020 complete review. This movie presents you with the famous Tom Holland in a lead role.

Tom Holland, whose full name is Thomas Stanley Holland, was born on June 1, 1996, and he is an English actor. Tom has done his graduation from the BRIT School in London; Tom started his career in acting on stage with the title role of Billy Elliot in the Musical in the West End beginning in 2008 to 2010.

However, he achieved further attention while performing his lead role in the disaster-based film named The Impossible (2012); he also received an award for the London Film Critics Circle Award in the category of the young British performer of the year.

Holland began to get a lot of fame and stardom for performing the lead role of Spider-Man in various superheroes films in Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero movies like in 2016 Captain America: Civil War, in 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming, in 2018 Avengers: Infinity War, in 2019 Avengers: Endgame, in 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home, and in 2021 its sequel.

Thus, at the beginning of 2017, 20-year-old young man Holland received the youngest BAFTA Rising Star winner award. Holland’s birthplace is Australia, and he is a photographer, Dominic Holland, an author, and a comedian. He has three siblings, all of them are younger brothers: born in 1999 twins Harry and Sam and 2004 Patrick “Paddy.”

Holland has done his education at Donhead, which is a Roman Catholic preparatory school in South West London. He then also followed a college named Wimbledon College, till December 2012.

Tom Holland said in many of his interviews that people bullied him in school for being a dancer. When he has done Wimbledon College, he served The BRIT School in the category of Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon.

Holland started to learned gymnastics throughout his performing time in Billy Elliot the Musical. Through a pause in his acting career, Holland quickly attended carpentry school held in Cardiff, Wales.

Holland started his dancing activity at a hip hop class in Wimbledon at Nifty Feet Dance School. Tom’s potential was found by a choreographer named Lynne Page (he is an associate to Peter Darling) and a choreographer of Billy Elliot along with Billy Elliot the Musical.

Tom also spent his time doing eight different auditions with two following years of training; on June 28, 2008, Holland started his first West End debut in Billy Elliot the Musical, where he performed Michael’s character, who was Billy’s best friend.

On September 8, 2008, he gave his first appearance in the title role, while gaining positive comments as well. In 2013, he received St. Louis Film Critics Association Award and Nevada Film Critics Society for his best acting performances.

Furthermore, he gets so many awards and different nominations for his best acting performances throughout Tom’s entire life. He is a very talented and super active actor in the film industry.


Movie Plot: In a world populated by unreal creatures, powerful magic was commonplace some millennia ago, though hard to master. Following technological progress over the ages, powerful spell grew out-of-date and was largely cut out.

However, the story of this animated movie started with two elf brothers, Barley Lightfoot and Ian, who live in the city lights of New Mushroomton. Ian, the youngest brother, studies as a high-school student who faces so much struggling with self-confidence.

Whereas Barley, the oldest brother, is an ambitious plus impulsive history and character-playing game fanatic. Their father’s name is Wilden, and he died before Ian was born due to a severe illness; and their mother’s Laurel, go with her new boyfriend, Colt Bronco, a centaur police officer, and both Barley and Ian dislike him.

Laurel gives Ian a new gift on his birthday from Wilden: a magical staff, a letter with a “visitation spell,” and a rare Phoenix gem that can quickly resurrect their father for his day. Ian unexpectedly succeeds in determining the spell, but just the below half of Wilden’s body is changed before the gem disintegrates.

Thus, the brothers start on a quest to collect another gem and to complete their next spell, using Barley’s favorite van “Guinevere.” Noticing the boys gone, their mother also leaves to find out the brothers.

Barley and Ian visit the Manticore’s Tavern, called for a monster holding a map to the gem. The tavern has converted into a family restaurant operated by the Manticore (for short, “Corey”).

While fighting with Ian protecting the map, Corey understands that she has a very dull life. Now she drives all of her customers away in a period of madness, unexpectedly setting fire all over to the restaurant and as well as the map.

The Barley and Ian only clue is a gem left with a children’s menu recommending “Raven’s Point,” a close mountain. Their mother later arrives at the destination and befriends Corey, and allow her to help. Corey threatens Laurel that the brothers’ mission may wake a curse that would only be broken by her sword, and the blade was stealing by both Laurel and her from a pawn shop.

Going all over to the mountains, Barley and Ian almost escape the police as well as a pixies’ motorcycle gang, following on Ian’s newly called spell-casting techniques and Barley’s RPG senses.

Although “Raven’s Point” begins them on the way meant by a line of raven statues, Colt catches them, calling in support. When they have to come to the dead end, Barley loses Guinevere to make a landslide, choking their pursuers.

Following the figures, Barley and Ian’s fall through a cave and avoid a line of traps and dangerous creatures. Barley explains to Ian that he could not say goodbye to Wilden (in an emotional way). The final barrier gives them back to the surface, and then they found themselves standing out in front of Ian’s high school.

Infuriated at Barley’s word, Ian beats out at him for driving them on a wild goose hunt and walks off with Wilden.

More Information Related To The Movie: ONWARD

GenreAnimation, Comedy, Fantasy, Kids And Family, Adventure
RatingPG (Some Mild Thematic Elements|Action/Peril)
Original LanguageEnglish
ProducerKori Rae
DirectorDan Scanlon
WriterDan Scanlon, Jason Headley, Keith Bunin
Release Date (Streaming)March 6 2020
Release Date (Theaters)March 6 2020
Box Office (Gross USA)$60.4M
Production CoWalt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios
Runtime1h 4m
Aspect RatioScope (2.35:1)
Sound MixDolby Atmos
View the collectionPixar

ONWARD Directed By Dan Scanlon

Dan Scanlon! He was born on June 21 1976, and he is an American animator, director, storyboard artist. He is also working for Pixar as well; for that, he has done Monsters University and the latest 2020 Onward.

When we talk about his early life, Scanlon was raised in Clawson, Michigan. His father died when Scanlon was one year old. Scanlon has one older brother, and when they were at the age of teenagers, a relative presented them with their father’s short audio recording.

Although, Scanlon has stated that these events helped him a lot while inspiring him to write down ONWARD’s real story. Scanlon is a very talented director plus writer, and he was graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1998 in BFA.

Scanlon was also has done with the animation for The Indescribable Nth and Joseph: King of Dreams. Dan Scanlon also served as a storyboard artist for the movies, including 101 Dalmations II: Patch’s London Adventure and The Little Mermaid II.

In 2001, Scanlon joined Pixar, worked as a story artist for Toy Story 3 and Cars. He has done short films as a co-director of the Mater and the Ghostlight. He showed Unmentionables’ role; this was a comic book written entirely by his wife, Michele Scanlon, whereas the director and writer is the live-action feature film, Tracy.

Tracy was the first feature film directed and written by Scanlon. He also worked as a part of the senior creative team on Inside Out and Brave.

Scanlon directed various movies like the prequel film Monsters University 2013, which also gets lots of positive reviews and financial success.

He finally directed the latest fantasy-road trip film Onward (2020). And the movie featuring the recording voices of Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chris Pratt, and Octavia Spencer.

Scanlon with his wife Michele settled in San Francisco, and they both work together on various projects below the company of their production house name Caveat Productions.

Scanlon directed and written many movies, including The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, Joseph: King of Dreams in 2000, 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure in 2003, Cars in 2006, Ratatouille in 2007, Toy Story 3 in 2010, Cars 2 in 2011, Brave in 2012, Monsters University in 2013, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur in 2013, Finding Dory in 2016, Cars 3 and Coco in 2017, Incredible 2 in 2018, Toy Story 4 in 2019, Onward and Soul in 2020.

He is one of those famous directors to earn fame and success in a brief period. Scanlon faced so many struggles and hardships in his starting directing career; after that, he succeeded in what he wants and delivered such mind-blowing films to his audience.

Scanlon also did different directing courses, and with the help of his directing/writing skills, he finally made successful animated films that got various nominations and awards.

The Entire Crew Of The Movie: ONWARD

This outstanding movie has packed up with a variety of voice recordings through different celebrities. However, in the below section, you will find the film ONWARD’s complete voice cast (2020). Of course, we hope this movie should grab a seat in the upcoming Oscars award 2021.

Here is the complete list of the voice cast:

  • Tom Holland
  • Chris Pratt
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  • Octavia Spencer
  • Mel Rodriguez
  • Kyle Bornheimer
  • Lena Waithe
  • Ali Wong
  • Grey Griffin
  • Tracey Ullman
  • Wilmer Valderrama
  • George Psarras
  • John Ratzenberger
  • Bonnie Hunt

These are the complete voice casts presents in the film Onward 2020. However, Onward is packed with a lot of entertainment, fun, and magic that will give you the pleasure and worth watching the movie.

The story follows two brothers who lost their gem and practiced over to the new magic spell, leaving their place and going to some other mountains.

Full of entertainment and exciting movie that leaves us shocked plus satisfied at the same time. People applaud Dan Scanlon, a director/writer of the film, to present such a powerful animated movie completing in 1 hour and 4 minutes.

Dan put all of his inspiration into the film to make it more excited and loveable in his audience’s eyes. And of course, we ensure that this film will be the biggest hit in this pandemic packed the year 2020.

The film’s release dates were all confirmed by the directors, producers, and the cast; thus, due to the disturbance of COVID 19. Now, the dates were changed and settled into new ones. We have seen people getting excited to watch the movie in theatres or their homes.

Furthermore, the film’s leading character is Tom Holland, who performed as a younger brother. As Ian, Tom gives such a mesmerizing acting and emotional expressions to turn his name a touch of reality.

The other characters also performed very well, significantly, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played the mother role named Laurel Lightfoot. Her expressions were on point, and of course, the way she performed and managed everything was just perfect.

ONWARD, the most-watched movie of this year 2020, or maybe we should say thanks to the COVID 19 to make people able to watch out the film, again and again.

In July 2017, a “suburban fantasy world” film was announced by Pixar at the D23 Expo. The announcement happened with Dan Scanlon directing along with the producer named Kori Rae producing.

The film ONWARD was inspired by Scanlon’s father’s death when Scanlon and his older brother faced at the moment of their teenage.

Scanlon then decided to write the story just when he heard an audio recording of his father.

And that’s how the story of this film ONWARD begins.

Critics And Reviews Of The Movie: ONWARD

WXIX-TV (Cincinnati, OH) (tt stern-Enzi) (April 3 2020)

Such a sweet story, I like it, and my kids loved it.

London Evening Standard (Charlotte O’Sullivan) (March 10 2020)

Do children need fathers? Dan Scanlon gives a love song to atypical families, which could not end on a more transparent or sweeter note.

NPR (Bob Mondello) (7 March 2020)

I think every mid-level Pixar can be able to cast a spell.

ReelViews (James Berardinelli) (6 March 2020)

People can find something here in the film, even if the complete package is not likely to work down as the subsequent Disney/Pixar “classic.”

RogerEbert.com (Christy Lemire) (March 6 2020)

[Onward] gives us feels frantically anxious to please, till it seeks to pull at your heartstrings in the by-now-familiar method of Pixar Animation.

Guardian (Peter Bradshaw) (March 6 2020)

A friendly family comedy film that finds a comfortable beat effortlessly!

CNN.com (Brian Lowry) (March 5 2020)

Only a real cynic could ultimately hold Onward’s darker themes. Still, they appear in the set of a movie that has to be listed in the Pixar file’s mid-level tier.

Associated Press (Jake Coyle) (March 5 2020)

At the moment of a Pixar entry, it might be the first to grapple with not the trials of childhood explicitly, but adulthood’s capability. Well, what I saw is that ONWARD has wrapped up with some real moments, and the entire journey will make you cry at the end.

Tribune News Service (Katie Walsh) (March 4 2020)

A fun play story directed by the real artist, Scanlon! Pratt’s vocal appearance and Barley’s character are the apparent elements in keeping everything light enough to leap through this story.

Washington Post (Kristen Page-Kirby) (March 4 2020)

I think “Onward” is not the one that can appear at the Oscar awards 2021. Maybe it isn’t even restricted to top-shelf Pixar. I am judging it according to the storyline and climax, of course. The overall movie is good, but something is missing/wrong in the end.

Financial Times (Danny Leigh) (March 4 2020)

If you feel the movie’s sadness in real, then the film is fantastic. And for me, ONWARD is one of those movies that will always be on my bucket list to watch.

New York Times (Ben Kenigsberg) (March 4 2020)

The film is a brilliantly performed, emotional lyric to teens that connects all the right heartfelt buttons.

Rolling Stone (Peter Travers) (March 3 2020)

It doesn’t match the high standard of Pixar, but you’ll cry and laugh with this playful animated story of two elf brothers (Chriss Pratt) and (Tom Hollan).

Seattle Times (Soren Andersen) (March 2 2020)

The picture with loudly and frequently announced because of its magic. But there is a valuable little of the original article to be observed in it.

Audience Reviews To The Movie: ONWARD

Qasim A

I loved watching this movie, it is perfect, and my kids loved it to watch the film repeatedly.

Bill l

Well, ONWARD was okay for me, not so outstanding, but okay. There were some heartfelt and original moments, but the overall story just looked normal.

Brain W

I loved it. It gives me so much laugh, cry, smile, and fun throughout. I don’t understand the mediocre reviews this got from various professional critics.

Bill B

Not good enough for me, Onward depends on Disney’s old formula to build a simple but magical story.

Zach M

Excellent and outstanding 2020 movie! It’s good for kids to watch out in this pandemic situation.

Joe O

The movie was excellent and enjoyable. I had a perfect time with my family and kids while watching this film together. 

Meydianna R

Age does not matter; you should watch this movie! It’s a beautiful movie! It may fall within cliches, but this is what the film is all about.

Harry P

Amazing film! Well, it is a bit expected, especially at the end.

Boele M

The movie was great, and the storyline was described so perfectly. My kids loved it.

Eily D

It will get all my points, 100/100. This is the perfect animated classic movie that can touch your heart and make you cry for sure.

Joseph E

It is a bit disappointing for me. I don’t like the ending at all. The plot was highly predictable, but it was entertaining.

Yavor H

My kids just watched Onward, and they loved it. They said that the movie took them to a magical world full of adventure and brotherhood.

Michael K

The perfect animated movie. It is exciting and well-written.

Ron G

The movie is about a fantasy world that brings out more fun and magic until the entire end.

Anita W

A beautiful story of brotherhood. It is slightly expected, but full of entertainment.

Idk I

100% recommend. It can be watched at any age.

Nathan M

The ending is amazing! I loved the picture quality and the clarity of their voices.

Jason P

Just okay. Not so much entertaining; it is suitable for kids.

Jasmyn K

I loved the Onward!, a magical world that gives an inspirational brotherhood story to keep in touch with each other and never forget your blood relations.

Jimmi K

I loved the movie. It is an excellent and well-written script, all thanks to the director/writer Scanlon.

Handy M

I don’t like the movie that much like other Pixar’s. It is just okay for me.


Barley and Ian loved them. Scanlon did a perfect job to make such animated movie in this pandemic situation.

Elyan R

Kids love it. Onward shows the love between brothers who continue to full fill their needs and never leave each other in any challenging situation.

Tina K

Scanlon, you did a good job.

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