Best International Awards Feature Oscars Award 2021

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Check out the best international feature film submissions award at the Oscar Awards 2021 Academy Awards list. Many titles have already begun to come in, and we will show you an updated running list of each film titles below.

However, as per decision, this 93rd Oscars award 2021 are now ready and scheduled to starts on the date of April 25, 2021. Though, the Academy Awards 2021 takes place in Hollywood, California, at the Dolby Theater.

Oscar Awards 2021 Feature Film Titles

The awards were originally prepared for February 28, but due to the pandemic Covid-19, the dates were postponed. Although COVID 19 still here, it has not ended the world’s culture rulers from choosing their candidates.

They picked up their best candidates for the Best International Feature Oscar award 2021. The rules of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences require that those officially submitted motion pictures should be released first theatrically in their own countries.

And the rules also declared that the releasing should be between October 1, 2019, to December 31, 2020. However, after the release, the Academy will then be announced the final qualified submissions. People will see the available shortlist of ten that would be revealed on February 9, 2021.

93rd Academy Awards 2021 Releasing Date :

The good news is that the 93rd Academy Awards will be held on the date of April 25, 2021. Last year, there were 92 submissions, in which we saw the nominations for North Macedonia’s Honeyland, Poland’s Corpus Christi, Spain’s Pain And Glory, and France’s Les Misérables. Last year award certainly going to South Korea’s Parasite.

Latest Submitted Titles For The Best International Feature Award 2021 :


  • What We Wanted by Ulrike Kolfer

The storyline is all about a couple facing some marital issues (most of the fertility issues). The couple goes on a vacation where they tested fertility issues. The family staying next door only adds more tension to their vacations.

This is a Netflix title “What We Wanted,” and it is scheduled for releasing online on November 11. However, What We Wanted is listed in Austria for a theatrical release on November 6).


  • Ivory Coast: Night Of The Kings by Philippe Lacôte

Philippe Lacote directs this film; the story shows a young man seeing on his first night in the wicked Ivorian prison La Maca. The man also said that he must entertain the audience as the chosen storyteller till the next morning, while risking his life. Night Of The Kings earned its world premiere at Venice.

  • Algeria: Héliopolis by Djaâfar Gacem

Algeria’s international feature Oscar award 2021 submissions went off to a promising start, and knowingly the country’s first-ever entry, Costa Gavras’ Z, which already won the award in the year 1970. And later on, four further nominations were coming since then, whereas the most recent one was Outside The Law in 2011.


  • Panama: Causa Justa by Luis Franco Brantley, Luis Pacheco

The story is based on different people, including a fisherman, a military officer, a prostitute, an American businessman, and a young man. They are trying to stop their friends from joining the struggle live during the 1989 United States attack of Panama. The film is debuted by both Brantley and Pacheco.


  • Palestine: Gaza mon amour by Tarzan Nasser, Arab Nasser

The Gaza mon amour is a story of a 60-year-old fisherman who falls in love with a girl who already works in his market. The mind of these brothers Tarzan and Arab Nasser is the reason behind this amazing film.

They served it up with feature film Dégradé in Critics’ Week in the year 2015. The film Gaza mon amour first premiered in Horizons in Venice and won the NETPAC award shortly after in Toronto.

  • Singapore: Wet Season by Anthony Chen

The story is all about a self-affirming bonding between a teacher and a student in Singapore high school. Well, Singapore always failed to reach the Oscars award nomination stage, and this would be Singapore’s 14th entry.

The director Chen who turns out to be the second Singaporean filmmaker, already selected twice for his country.

  • Taiwan: A Sun by Chung Mong-hong

This is a family-based drama where the family has torn apart just when the youngest son is assigned to a juvenile custody center. The drama also won five prizes through the Golden Horse Awards in the back of the year 2019. The famous director, Chung’s credits, cover Godspeed, which traveled to various festivals, including Tokyo and Toronto in 2016.


  • Croatia: Extracurricular (Ivan-Goran Vitez)

Well, this is Croatia’s 29th submission after running the longest periods without any international feature image. However, still, Croatia manages to reach the nomination of the oscars award 2021 stage. Extracurricular is directed by Vitez, which is the third feature, which is based on a crime comedy-thriller storyline.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Quo Vadis, Aida? By Jasmila Zbanic

This is about a UN translator Aida, who wants to protect her family when the Serbian army holds over Srebrenica’s city and starts the proper cleansing of its Bosniak population. However, the writer-director Jasmila Zbanic also features Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams, which was also submitted for Oscar’s nominations.

  • Switzerland: My Little Sister by Stéphanie Chuat, Véronique Reymond

This drama is starring a brother and sister, and the characters played by Lars Eidinger and Nina Hoss. The drama was both written and directed by the famous Chuat and Reymond.

Final Verdict

So, here are the latest submissions of the Oscar Award 2021 feature titles. Get yourself ready to watch the biggest oscar awards of the year in the coming April 2021.

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