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Main Actor And Actress In Portrait Of A Lady On Fire 2020 Review:

Noémie Merlant plays the two leading roles of the movie as Marianne and Adèle Haenel as Héloïse. However, the first character Noémie Merlant, was born on November 27, 1988. Noemie is a French actress, and she also has been nominated for giving her best performances twice at the ceremony of the César Awards.

Although, Noemie got the award of a nomination, including her breakout role in the leading movie of the Portrait of a Lady on Fire Oscar awards 2021. Noemie Merlant’s birthplace is in Paris. At the same time, her parents (both her mother and father) are real estate agents. Noemie Merlant was actually raised in Rezé near Nantes.

Noemie Merlant is the one who started her career as a professional model, and she did it before serving the school name the Cours Florent for acting in Paris.

Furthermore, Noemie Merlant had her first-ever breakthrough in her first debut 2016 film name Heaven Will Wait. Also, she was nominated for that movie for the most promising actress in the César Awards. 

In 2019, Noemie Merlant starred in the movie Portrait of a Lady on Fire. The leading lady Noemie Merlant also won the Lumieres Award for the category of the best actress performance. And she was also nominated for the category of the best actress of the César Award alongside her co-star lady Adèle Haenel. 

Merlant also done direction with her two short films: 

  1. 2017 film Je Suis Une biche 
  2. 2019 film Shakira.

The second leading lady role by Adèle Haenel, a French actress, was born on February 11, 1989. She is the one who is the winner of many accolades, including two of her César Awards from seven nominations and as well as, two Lumières Award nominations. Adele Haenel started her wonderful career while performing as a child actress. 

Adele was also making her film debut in Les Diables (2002) when she was 12. Adele quickly rose to get all the fame in the French entertainment industry while she was a teenager. Although, she received her first-ever César Award nomination for giving the best performance in 2007 Water Lilies. 

This was her beginning long professional step in the industry with the very well-known director Céline Sciamma. Adele Haenel got her first winner Cesar Award in 2014 for her supporting role in the movie Suzanne, while in 2015, she won the César Award for giving the Best Actress for Love at First Fight. 

Thus, she continued to earn recognition for her best performances in BPM 2017 (Beats per Minute), 2018 The Trouble with You, and the best movie Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019).

Adele’s mother is a teacher while her father performs as a translator. She did her best performance in the Portrait Of A Lady On Fire and showed as “a very left-wing, creative, and understandable actress.”

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire 2020 review Overview:

Movie Plot: Portrait Of A Lady On Fire Oscars award 2020 nominated movie follows a story of the eighteenth century. The actress Noémie Merlant as Marianne plays a painter’s role, busy teaching her art class in France. She notices that one of her art students asks her to show her painting, which Marianne calls the Portrait de la jeune fille en feu.

Some years back, Marianne comes to a faraway island in Brittany. Marianne has been selected to paint a young gentile woman’s portrait, and her name is Héloïse, and she is to be married off toward a Milanese nobleman. Miss Marianne also informed the painter that the young Héloïse has already refused to sit for portraits previously because she doesn’t want to be married.

Heloise had been experiencing living in a convent later when her sister took her life, and now Heloise necessitated her old sister’s return as well as her betrothal. Marianne works as Héloïse’s selected companion to be effective enough to paint her or paint a portrait of her in private and follows her on daily walks. 

Marianne then finishes the portrait but finds herself helpless to betray Héloïse’s trust and shares her true purpose for arriving. After that, the young woman Héloïse criticizes her painting because it doesn’t seem to portray her fine nature perfectly; Marianne ruins the work.

Getting shocking news,  Héloïse’s mother hears that Héloïse is ready to pose for the portrait done by Marianne within the next few days, whereas her mother will be absent on the mainland. 

However, the bonding between Héloïse and Marianne grows incredibly during Heloise’s mother’s absence. Marianne is haunted everywhere in the house by images of Héloïse in a wedding dress. On the other day, they read the complete story of Eurydice and Orpheus and discuss the main reason why Orpheus turns around to find out her wife, letting her come back to the underworld. 

The couple helps Sophie, a maid, and suffers from abortion; later on, the three go to a bonfire party where women sing throughout the moment where Héloïse’s dress briefly takes fire. The other day, Heloise and Marianne experienced their first kiss, and they also make love later that night. After some more days, they found themselves in a stronger romance, and they both fall in love perfectly.  

However, here comes the twist in the story when (Heloise’s mother) inevitably returns to the house, who passes the completed portrait. Marianne also reveals that she again saw Héloïse in a wedding dress, that would be like two more times.

Marianne saw Heloise in a wedding dress the first time in a portrait at an art exhibition, and Marianne saw Héloïse with a child. The second time Marianne saw Heloise in a wedding dress was at a concert that happened in Milan, where Héloïse calmly sitting in a theater balcony far from Marianne.  


RatingR (Some Nudity and Sexuality)
GenreDrama, Romance, History
DirectorCéline Sciamma
Original LanguageFrench (France)
ProducerBénédicte Couvreur, Véronique Cayla
WriterCéline Sciamma
Sound MixDolby Digital
Runtime2h 1m
Release Date (Theaters)Dec 6, 2019, Limited
Box Office (Gross USA)$3.8M
Release Date (Streaming)Apr 3, 2020
Production CoArte France Cinéma, Hold Up Films
Aspect RatioFlat (1.85:1)

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire Directed By Céline Sciamma:

Céline Sciamma is a film director and a French screenwriter born on 12 November 1978. A common theme in Sciamma’s movies is the smoothness of gender and sexual identity between girls and women. However, Sciamma was actually raised in Cergy-Pontoise, an area outside of Paris. 

Celine’s father, Mr. Dominique Sciamma, represents himself as a software designer, whereas Celine’s brother, Laurent Sciamma, performs as a stand-up performer and a graphic designer. Celine Sciamma is attending La Fémis French film school. 

When Celine was a child, she was an enthusiastic reader and became interested in the film industry. She also wrote her first-ever original script for the film Water Lilies, which was a part of her last evaluation at La Fémis. 

Sciamma’s first debut film, Water Lilies, is the one that was selected for screening under the section Un certain view at the 2007 year of Cannes Film Festival. Although, the film achieved three nominations for the last year of the 2008 César Awards. Sciamma was the one who got the nomination for the César Award in the category of the Best Debut.

Celine Sciamma successfully directed her first suspense short film, Pauline, in the year 2009. And the short film was about a story of a government anti-homophobia campaign called ‘Five films against homophobia.’

Celine, another film Tomboy (2011), was just all done within a matter of months. Celine Sciamma was the one who wrote the script in just three weeks, finished casting within just three weeks, as well as, shot the entire film in just 20 days. 

Celine gives us so many interesting stories where her 2014 film Girlhood got the selection of the Directors’ Fortnight section in the Cannes Film Festival 2014. Since 2015, Celine Sciamma has worked as a person of co-president of the Society of Film Directors (SFD).

Celine Sciamma’s fourth and the most promising feature film, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, started the shooting in 2018’s autumn. It also premiered In Competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, where the film also won the best screenplay and Queer Palm and Best Screenplay.

Celine’s film Portrait Of A Lady On Fire 2020 review also received so much audience’s appreciation as well as got several awards and nominations including:

  • Queer Palm (Cannes Film Festival)
  • Best Screenplay Award (Cannes Film Festival)
  • César Award for Best Cinematography
  • Lumières Award for Best Cinematography
  • Nominated – Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film
  • Nominated – Lumières Award for Best Film
  • Nominated – César Award for Best Director
  • Nominated – Best Film Not in the English Language (BAFTA)
  • Nominated – Lumières Award for Best Director

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire 2020 Review- Complete Cast And Crew:

The complete cast and crew of the film Portrait Of A Lady On Fire begin with some well-known celebrities who are not just famous in the film industry and got different awards and nominations. Here you can see the complete list of the film’s cast, including:

  • Noémie Merlant played a leading role, as Marianne
  • Adèle Haenel as Héloïse
  • Valeria Golino as La Comtesse
  • Luàna Bajrami as Sophie
  • Armande Boulanger as L’Élève
  • Christel Baras as La faiseuse d’anges
  • Michèle Clément as Peasant
  • Guy Delamarche as L’homme salon
  • Céline Sciamma as Screenwriter
  • Céline Sciamma as Director
  • Véronique Cayla as Producer
  • Bénédicte Couvreur as Producer
  • Julien Lacheray as Film Editor
  • Claire Mathon as Cinematographer
  • Jean-Baptiste de Laubier as Original Music
  • Arthur Simonini as Original Music
  • Dorothée Guiraud as Costume Designer
  • Thomas Grézaud as Production Design

The film Portrait Of A Lady On Fire is good enough to get the nomination of the oscar awards 2020. The entire story, especially the cast, did it very well to present the film successfully.

However, on 22 August 2018, the film Portrait Of A Lady On Fire gets the film distributor MK2 started the sale of international rights over the film and Pyramide Films taking the overall distribution rights for France.

Furthermore, on 10 February 2019, we have seen that the Curzon Artificial Eye got the UK’s rights as well, Karma Films also did for Spain, Folkets Bio for Sweden, and Cinéart for Benelux. Hulu and Neon got the distribution rights on 22 May for North America.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a 2019 French historical based drama film written and directed by Céline Sciamma. The film is starring Noémie Merlant as Marianne and Adèle Haenel as Heloise.

It was first released in France on September 18, 2019. The film was also released on 28 February 2020 in the United Kingdom.

Critics And Reviews:

New Yorker (Rachel Syme) (6 March 2020)

Without any man’s appearance onscreen, Sciamma portrays the multiple ways in which the story of a lesbian couple delivers such immense love and thought via the leading females.

  • Chicago Reader (Cody Corrall) (6 March 2020)

The story conveys a slow burn; for sure, the leading ladies’ performance is remarkable—a perfect example of a pure love that doesn’t need anyone’s views at all.

  • Times (UK) (Ed Potton) (2 March 2020)

This is just not a film but a definition of love—an incredible film about looking, specifically, a female looking. A leading lady in Céline Sciamma’s French-language-based drama film asks the other, “Do all lovers feel the same that they are going to inventing something?” and that’s the leading point of this stylish, literate, and erotic tale.

  • Detroit News (Adam Graham) (1 March 2020)

Everyone’s effort with Sciamma has professionally created this masterpiece. The film is packed with a deeply layered story. Celine Sciamma, this girl is really on fire.

  • Breakfast All Day (Christy Lemire) (22 February 2020)

From my point of view, this is incredibly the gorgeous film I have seen so far. Each cast’s performance presents the best picture that you really want to see in your home.

  • Minneapolis Star Tribune (Chris Hewitt) (20 February 2020)

It is simply a masterpiece for me. A terrific storyline and perfect romanticism makes the film more gorgeous and surely grabs the audience’s heart.

  • Chicago Tribune (Michael Phillips) (20 February 2020)

The story is packed with a sheer shining beauty that would be remarkable. All the performers, writers, producers, and of course, my favorite director Celine, simply just as remarkable.

  • Washington Post (Ann Hornaday) (14 February 2020)

Just awesome, as its title, “Portrait of a Lady on Fire,” creates more and more and more share of heat. It simply shows the combination of reality and drama in one place.

  • The New Republic (Lidija Haas) (13 February 2020)

The movie’s perfect striking variation from more fabulous period romances is that here hierarchy and power. At the same time, Celine frames the story very well, and that surely must be driven, are not eroticized.

  • New York Magazine/Vulture (Bilge Ebiri) (12 February 2020)

Celine Sciamma gives a great feel for emotional arcs, for structure, as well as for pinpoint-accurate chemistry that actually preserves the tantalizing mystery of her story characters.

The Age (Australia) (Jake Wilson) (23 December 2019)

This film reflects such an epic story and a romantic intensity that gives us some vibrant feel, just like Celine’s previous films, Water Lillies and Tomboy.

  • New Yorker (Richard Brody) (13 December 2019)

Sciamma’s work and the other casts give their splendid performance. They actually show the reality of true love and an attractive, romantic story with perfectly described scenes.

  • Christian Science Monitor (Peter Rainer) (7 December 2019)

I actually admired this film more than I liked. This just not a film for me, but of course, it gives me some chilling vibes, and it is too artfully constructed to perfectly make an emotional connection.

  • Associated Press (Jocelyn Noveck) (6 December 2019)

Marianne and Heloise, these two are just my favorite. Their performance and heart-felting moments are allowed to generally unfold onscreen and show the perfect example of togetherness.

  • New York Times (A.O. Scott) (6 December 2019)

A thrilling and subtle love story, pure, energetic, and full of a realistic assessment of two women’s circumstances. The film also shows a celebration of the freedom to fall in love, without any specific gender demand.

  • Los Angeles Times (Justin Chang) (5 November 2019)

The film’s delicacy and specificity make the film great and appreciatable. Sciamma did an outstanding job of coming up with this outstanding story based on romance, and romance, and romance.

  • Observer (Oliver Jones) (4 December 2019)

Like a hard shore at night or the blossom of first love, it’s something more that needs to be felt at once, for sure. All my credits go to Sciamma, and the cast, of course.

  • RogerEbert.com (Tomris Laffly) (3 December 2019)

Sciamma gives us this film as a gift of 2019. Just love the romance, heartfelt performance, and purity of two leading characters.

Audience Review:

  • Ria Ren

Portrait of a Lady on Fire, this simple and mind-blowing film written by Céline Sciamma, such a powerful story of a painter who just secretly fell in love with another lady. This film certainly displays the enthusiasm of a woman, what she wants, and what is important for her.

  • Corey B

Very romantic, I loved it. A beautiful film with much emotion and deep touch of romance. Unfortunately, both women don’t end up together; it is really a heart-felt journey that describes deep love among two women.

  • Toni M

The portrait – true as it is the title. I simply love all the scenes that left me speechless. This is an extraordinary film that slowly develops the interest, and it is absolutely worth it.

  • Oriane M

A movie that gives one tasting the lifetime regret of the leads, a present, and a curse that both women feel and would suffer for their lives. Such a powerful love story is also packed with so much romance and preciousness of both leading ladies.

  • Charlie S

A comprehensive beautifully shot gives me goosebumps, creating a romance masterpiece. This is the movie I want to see in the Oscars award 2020, for God’s sake.

  • Alexander N

Seriously, this is one of the beautiful and best movies ever I have seen till now: amazingly written story, perfectly described scenes, and of course, the true romance.

  • Jerod S

I love the movie. No doubt, this movie is packed with simplicity, pure love, and romantic vibes—one of the best movies I have seen so far.

  • Cydney S

A perfect love story and a well-described script that shows the true meaning of love. Two leading ladies stole the story for sure.

  • Nataly C

Brilliant. I love it. Such a masterpiece, the director did a very good job with the storyline, and all the characters performed nicely.

  • Gaby A

Love it, the story of a brave new world that is free of societal law. This film Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a mind-blowing-based story of two women. They fell in love and experience some more freedom in their lives, but sadly, they don’t end up together in the end.

  • MJ F

Believable and Beautiful tension that actually built up among the leads. Totally an eye catchy story that will never take your eyes away for a second for sure.

  • Rochelle M

Beautiful. A perfect masterpiece that shows all the way of pure love, romance, togetherness, and an amazing storyline in one place. I love the cast and especially the director who gives us this awesome film.

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