Oscar Awards 2021 93rd Predictions: Academy Awards

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Oscars awards are always the most awaited event!

Today, we will tell you the most-awaited Oscars award 2021 predictions you may need to see right now.

These Oscar Academy Awards are considered the most prestigious Hollywood’s artistic awards in the entire film industry. Since 1927, the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences (AMPAS) team members selected winners and the nominees.

However, in the Oscars award 2021 predictions, there are some generally known names such as,

  • David Fincher,
  • Spike Lee,
  • Christopher Nolan,
  • Sofia Coppola,

and more titles are expected to show in the upcoming 2021 Oscars awards race.

Thus, this October usually kicks off the entire award season because of this COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic is the biggest reason by which the theatres continue to keep closed and as well as, the studios have also delayed long-awaited films.

But what does it means to the 93rd Oscar Award 2021? Is “Sonic the Hedgehog” all ready to achieve the Best Picture-winning award? Well, all thanks to the best streaming services of Oscar-worthy films that are available right at your fingertips.

Also, we know that some of these films just skipped their theatrical release. However, such films still have earned loads of award buzz. And of course, they are eligible enough for nominations at this 2021 year’s Oscars.

Oscar Awards 2021

We have three different streaming platforms available here; check them out below!

  1. Disney+
  2. Netflix
  3. HBO.


  • The Film “Onward”

Well, the “Onward” actually released before the spread of this deadly pandemic COVID-19 and shut theatres down. And it seems like “Onward” was released periods ago, but the film is making itself eligible enough for the Oscar Awards 2021.

Historically Pixar and Disney both have already dominated in the category of the Best Animated Feature. So that’s why there are many mixed reviews about the film, and it won’t be surprising for the audience to see “Onward” nominated.

The story of “Onward” basically follows two teen brothers. However, the characters of the brothers were done by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.

The story depends on the brother’s magical journey to spend the last day with their late father.


  • The Film “I am Thinking Of Ending Things”

This film “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” have come up with mixed to positive reviews. Also, this film can be nominated in the category of the Best Adapted Screenplay.

The film’s name is basically based on a book that also has the same name tag. The film’s story shows a young woman who is all set to meet her boyfriend’s family for the first time.

Though the story might be looking boring, still, the writer and director Charlie Kaufman’s ideas and creative liberties could help to finally edge the way into the Oscars Award 2021 nomination.

  • The Film “Da 5 Bloods”

The film is directed by the famous Spike Lee. Well, the storyline of the film “Da 5 Bloods” begins with four Vietnam veterans. They decided to travel back to Vietnam so that they can look for their team leader’s remains and as well as buried gold.

The film follows stars include Jonathan Mayors, Delroy Linda, and the late Chadwick Boseman. According to the reception and reviews, the film is expected to be nominated in multiple categories, such as Best Original Screenplay, Best Picture, and many chances for the Best Cinematography.

  • The Film “The Trial Of The Chicago 7”

This film is based on a true story where the seven protesters have been charged with several conspiracies. In the story, the purpose of inciting riots through the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

The film “The Trial of the Chicago 7” is likely to be praised as a timely film. The film is directed and written by the famous Aaron Sorkin.

The film has high chances to be nominated for the Best Original Screenplay category. Sacha Baron Cohen gives a stand-out performance that could make him tp get the Best Supporting Actor nomination.

The reviews of this film can lead it to get the nomination of the Best Picture as well.


  • The Film “Emma”

You will enjoy this film for sure as it was first released in the theatres before COVID-19 hit the ground. And now the film is finally available on HBO Max. Well, there will be no doubt to say that this film is a masterpiece, and based on Jane Austen’s 1815 novel. 

The film is starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Josh O’ Conner, Johnny Flynn, and Mia Goth. It is also possible that the film “Emma” could be nominated for the Oscar Award 2021 Best Production Design and as well as for the Best Costume Design.

Final Verdict

Here are the predictions of the Oscars Award 2021, which still have six months left for the 93rd Academy Awards. And as per the current situation, we are expecting more films to be hitting streaming services or might be heading towards the video on demand.

So, just keep your eyes ready for “Nomadland,” “Mank,” “One Night in Miami,” “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” and the best targeted “Minari.”

These films hit up serious Oscar buzz from their festival screenings and such excellent trailer releases.

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