Spain Submits Its First Netflix Period Epic ‘The Endless Trench’ To The Oscars Award 2021 Submission Race

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According to the latest updates, Spain has finally come along with the submission of its contender, the period epic The Endless Trench, for the oscar awards 2021 International Oscar prize.

This film already premiered last year, at San Sebastian. Whereas Netflix swooped onto its global rights soon after, the film will debut in the U.S. on the revealing date of 6 November.

“The Endless Trench” Direction:

The film “The Endless Trench” is directed by three people, including Jon Garano, Aitor Arregi, and Jose Mari Goenaga. The Endless Trench also spans three decades, starting at the eruption of the Spanish Civil War; however, the eruption causes chronic situations where a country was taken by fascism.

Winner Situation: 

The film also gets its nomination for 15 Goyas, and Spain’s national cinema awards, where the two winning categories are: 

  1. Best Sound
  2. Best actress for Belén Cuesta.

Last Submission Deadline For The Oscars:

December 1 is the last given deadline for 2021 International Oscar submissions. Therefore, the shortlist categories for the International Oscar awards 2021 will be revealed on February 9, and people will see the nominations announced on March 15.

The Oscar awards 2021 Academy Awards will be held on April 25. 

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