Sundance Enters Uncharted Waters In Unique Oscar Award Period

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The Sundance Film Festival used to take place late in January. Well, at the same time, several other events of Hollywood take place.

At the event, the producers, journalists, and stars meet each other at the Utah mountains’ beautiful location. All of them used to have a light chit chat with each other, share the last-minute Oscar tips, and much more.

But unfortunately, this was not the case this year. Due to to the pandemic of the COVID-19, the situation was completely different. The event will begin on Thursday and will take place online.

Oscars awards, 2021 has also been delayed. Therefore, top contenders have not been released this year, not even for the critics.

Everyone seems to be a little bit confused, worried and uncertain about 2021. so, it is quite hard to say anything specifically about the movie release.

Feeling The Heat

It is not only the case for the Oscars awards 2021 or Sundance; several other awards have also been delayed. For example, Golden Globes, which used to take place, has not yet announced the nominations.

Moreover, most of the US theaters and studios are closed just because of the Coronavirus. Therefore, almost everyone has delayed the release date of their most expensive and biggest movies. For instance, No Time To Die and Morbius; are not going to release this year.


Snow Boots For Slippers

Sundance organizers have advised to stay at home and enjoy the virtual premiers and Q&A sessions on their laptops. The stars, artists, and filmmakers will mingle with the audience in the chat room.

Beside it, only a few art-house theaters are interested in organist the real-world screenings and talks. These functions will be organized in the specific parts of the United States, and only local conditions will be allowed over there.

Sundance events are going to be held in Park City and near Los Angeles. Where to watch Oscar awards 2021 is the question which everyone is just asking these days. Well, if you are worried about How to watch Oscar awards 2021, then just relax and get Live streaming Oscar awards 2021 on our platform. We will update you soon about the scheduals.

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