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Main Actor AndThespian Of The Movie: THE ASSISTANT

The movie’s main leading character, ASSISTANT Julia Garner, was born on 1 February 1994, and she is an American actress. Julia is best known for presenting her part as Ruth Langmore, which brings her more fame and success through the Netflix crime drama series Ozark (2017–present).

Julia has won his first two Primetime Emmy Awards for giving her best performances in the Netflix drama. She received the Outstanding Supporting Actress category award in a Drama Series.

Julia also had various roles in the FX drama series from 2015 to 2018 The Americans, in 2018 the Netflix miniseries Maniac, and from 2018 to 2019 the Bravo true-crime series Dirty John.

Julia has performed in the films like Martha Marcy May Marlene in 2011, in 2012 The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and in 2014 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. She had prominent roles in the movies: We Are What We Are in 2013, in 2015, Grandma, and her latest film The Assistant (2019).

Garner was raised in the Riverdale area of The Bronx, New York. Julia’s mother, Tami Gingold, a therapist by her profession, had a prosperous career as a comic in her native Israel.

However, Julia’s father, Thomas Garner, is a successful painter and an artwork teacher, formerly from Shaker Heights, Ohio. Julia Garner is Jewish by her religion, like her mother.

Julia Garner started her acting career classes when she was only 15 years old to defeat her shyness. Although she had her professional debut at a very young age of 17 in Martha Marcy May Marlene by Sean Durkin, she played Sarah’s part.

In 2012, a very famous director David Chase personally invited Julia to perform a small role that he composed mainly for her in the film’ Not Fade Away. Thus, Julia’s first leading role was done in the 2012 film name Electrick Children.

Moreover, in 2013, Julia starred beside Ashley Bell in a famous horror category film, The Last Exorcism Part II. She performed the lead role in the American remake of a horror movie of Mexican We Are What We Are.

Julia Garner co-starred in the 2014s movie Sin City: A Dame to Kill to performing her new role Marcie; the story of the film starts with a young stripper who divides paths with another new part, Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

Although Julia performed her character against a green screen for the first time, Julia Garner was cast in the third season of the FX time detective thriller series The Americans; she remained in the role during season six.

She performed in her off-Broadway appearance in Noah Haidle’s play Smokefall in 2016 at MCC Theater. Still, unfortunately, she drops off out within the period of her rehearsals because of timing conflicts.


The picture follows the story of a young Jane played by Julia Garner. The movie’s storyline is about a junior assistant who kept herself busy working at a film production company for five weeks in New York City.

Jane comes properly before dawn and does several menial administrative chores. Jane’s job’s long hours; however, she also performs some demanding tasks that will keep her busy all day and amazingly stressed.

Through a phone call with Jane’s mother, Jane finds out that she skipped her father’s call timing on his birthday. As Jane’s day proceeds, she finds out that her boss caught in facilitating the sex doing culture (harassment) in the office with several younger women.

There were so many male workers at the company whomake sarcastic comments about their boss’s affairs. At the same time, the female staff manages their workloads while discussing the opportunity of shifting to other departments.

Furthermore, whenever Jane prepares something, her boss considers her as a mistake; he abuses her every day verbally over the phone while two of her male junior assistants silently watch all the abuses.

During Jane’s day, various people from the boss’s life associate with Jane, such as his wife, children’s babysitter, a popular actor, and Chinese film producers. In the afternoon, an entry of a young, immature woman named Sienna comes from Idaho, telling her she has been assigned as a junior assistant job.

Jane, disturbed for Sienna’s well-being, immediately visits the Human Resources office to file a statement after falling Sienna off at a five-star resort. All of those expenses are paid by the company.

The head of HR, Wilcock, helps Jane to give her concerns, but the following does it clear that he is becoming a blind eye to Jane’s harassment allegations before defeating her, talking down to her, and saying she is jealous.

He also reveals that registering a formal complaint would finish her career. While Jane leaves the office, he warns her that she doesn’t need to worry about it as she is not that “type” thatthe boss wants.

Jane is distraught; then she suddenly takes a call from her boss while she returns to her office’s desk. He has been notified of the unfiled demand and reported that Jane writes an email plea addressed to him. However, he replies, saying that he might be tough on her because he knows her values and greatness.

When the end of the day came to near, Sienna comes to the company so Jane can guide her on how she can use the phone arrangements.

At night, Jane makes microwave food for herself and other workers leave; Jane’s boss waits late in the office along with a young actress.

Furthermore, he calls Jane through the intercom and instructs her to go home. Jane moves to a coffee shop over the street and requests her father as Jane eats a muffin. When she hangs up with the call, she saw a profile in her boss’s window looking to have sex.

More Information Related To The Movie: THE ASSISTANT

RatingR (Some Language)
DirectorKitty Green
Original languageEnglish
ProducerJames Schamus, Scott Macaulay, P. Jennifer Dana
WriterKitty Green
Release Date (Theaters)31 January 2020, Limited
Release Date (Streaming)28 April 2020
Box Office (Gross USA)$1.1m
Production CoForensic Films
RuntimeOne h 27m

Kitty Green directs THE ASSISTANT

Kitty Green directs the movie ASSISTANT, and she was born on 8 August 1984 in Melbourne, Australia. Kitty is an Australian film editor, director, screenwriter, and producer. Although Kitty Green’s latest movie is the 2019 film The Assistant, as well as, she is also an editor of the movie.

Kitty Green attended a well-known college name Victorian College of the Arts, and she received higher studies in film and television. Kitty’s movie Is Not A Brothel focused more on the Ukrainian feminist “Femen” movement.

The movie won an AACTA award in the category for the Best Australian Feature Documentary. However, she also received a distinction in the category for her best short film, The Face of Ukraine: Adding Oksana Baiul, for giving the Best Non-Fiction Short Film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Kitty Green directed several following documentaries in 2017 Casting JonBenét, in 2013 Ukraine Is Not a Brothel, in 2015 The Face of Ukraine: Casting Oksana Baiul.

Green also led The Assistant, a movie about an assistant who works in the film industry to face many challenges with a moral difficulty concerning the #MeToo movement.

Kitty Green also received many awards in 2013 in the Venice Film Festival and London Film Festival festivals, where she received Special Mention and Grierson Award.

In 2014s SXSW Film Festival, she received a nomination for the Audience Award, and in the 2014 Bushwick Film Festival, she won the Best Documentary Feature award.

She is a versatile director plus editor who performed very well and manage to give such outstanding movies in front of her audience. She is all good and famous while representing her movies in a way to get applauds and appreciation.

Kitty Green is a well-known director, producer, editor, and screenwriter, who wrote several amazing stories and grabs many nominations and awards.

The Complete Cast And Crew Of The Movie: THE ASSISTANT

The movie’s complete cast and crew consist of several artists who performed their best characters to make the film super hit and successful to the audience’s eye.

The cast of the movie includes

  • Julia Garner played Jane’s character, a young junior assistant who works at a film production company.
  • Matthew Macfadyen played the character as Wilcock, representing the head’s role at Jane’s Human Resources Department company.
  • Makenzie Leigh played the character of Ruby, an ambitious actress.
  • Kristine Froseth played the character as Sienna, a newly appointed junior assistant.
  • Alexander Chaplin played the character, Max.
  • Juliana Canfield played the character of Sasha.
  • DagmaraDomińczyk played the character of Ellen.
  • BregjeHeinen played the character of Tatiana.
  • Clara Wong played the character of Tess.
  • Patrick Breen played the character as Roy.
  • Noah Robbins and Jon Orsini played the characters as Jane’s colleague junior assistants.
  • PurvaBedi represents the character of an executive assistant and Jane’s critical boss.
  • MigsGovea and DaoudHeidami perform film executives.
  • Patrick Wilson performs an uncredited cameo as an artist.
  • Jay O. Sanders voices use as Jane’s unnamed boss.
  • Tony Torn physically represents the character of a boss.
  • Manu Narayan voices use for the character of the boss’ driver Amir.
  • Kirit Kapadia physically represents the character of a driver.
  • Heather MacCrae’s voices use for the character of Jane’s mother.
  • Mark Jakoby’s voices use for the character of Jane’s father.

So, these are the characters who played the roles successfully and, more importantly, emotionally. However, in September 2018, the management announced that Kitty Green would direct and write the film alongside Scott Macaulay and James Schamus producing below their Symbolic Exchange banner.

Though Julia Garner then joined the cast in December 2018. In April 2019, Kristine Froseth, Matthew Macfadyen, Noah Robbins, Makenzie Leigh, and DagmaraDomińczyk joined the cast with Julia Garner. Production ended that same period in New York City.

The Assistant is a very successful movie that had done its world premiere on 30 August 2019 at the Telluride Film Festival. Soon after, Bleecker Street obtained distribution rights to the movie The Assistant and marked it for a 31 January 2020 release.

The movie also got so many reviews on various popular websites. However, the film holds an endorsement rating of around 92% according to 207 reviews, whereas the film has an average rating of about 7.58/10.

The movie’s critical agreement reads, “Driven by a substation performance from Julia Garner; although, “The Assistant” gives a wilting review of the company’s harassment and systemic abuse.” On other sites, we have found that the films’ values come on a score of around 100. The Assistant holds a score of about 79 according to reviews from 43 critics, showing “generally favorable reviews.”

The film shows such moral values and the importance of the hot topic of our today’s world, “Harassment.” However, this severe issue is crucial to be talked or defined correctly to the audience to learn and help someone if they notice or feel anything.

The movie is really good to watch with your friends. We hope that the film should grab a seat on the How to Watch Oscar awards 2021 as an award or nomination.

The Assistant that performs it so compelling in its concept of how quickly the Harvey Weinsteins of the world could utilize their total power for years with little fear of the result.”

Critics And Reviews Of The Movie: THE ASSISTANT

Independent (UK) (Clarisse Loughrey) 11 August 2020

The Assistant is not about the reason for empowerment, but it shows a cruel and objective reality.

Sydney Morning Herald (Paul Byrnes) 10 August 2020

There is a fine-line you can find in terms of theme, and Kitty Green has to know how to put her humor plus seriousness under one roof. She picked up good choices, especially the main lead of the movie.

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review (Mark Kermode) 4 May 2020

A well-made film in which you will see a tremendous central performance, and of course, I like the distortion of it. The Assistant is an excellent movie that perfectly shows the “harassment” culture we feel in our society.

Observer (UK) (Mark Kermode) 3 May 2020

Julia Garner’s performance is mindblowing; her expressions, dialogues, and way of talking are excellent and appreciatable. Julia Garner’s immense physical power secures this impressive thriller #MeToo-era drama concerning workplace harassment and exploitation.

Irish Times (Tara Brady) 2 May 2020

Green follow-up her way of expression in the movie so correctly. She is too good to make such a movie that expresses the reality of our society. This “me too” hashtag has saved so many lives, no doubt.

Empire Magazine (Ella Kemp) 1 May 2020

A stirring, serious examination of continuing injustice, The Assistant talks to women whose pain is neglected and firmly states that they mean their reactions have been noticed.

Vox (Alissa Wilkinson) 1 May 2020

I like the movie; it has a great sense of humor and perfect expressions of the casts, especially Julia Garner.

Polygon (Karen Han) 30 April 2020

[Kitty] Green’s coming to novels – exposing more considerable honesty legally than focusing on the most unforgettable characters – vaults The Assistant within the extraordinary territory.

New Statesman (Ryan Gilbey) 29 April 2020

[Kitty] Green’s masterpiece is to hold Jane’s boss protected from view, revealing only the suffering he creates and the debris he neglects behind.

The Jewish Chronicle (Linda Marric) 28 April 2020

Kitty Green leads a tour de force without showing to reductive expositional tools.

Financial Times (Danny Leigh) 26 April 2020

After watching the movie, you will be questioning about yourself, because, sometimes, we are the one who makes the other gender feel uncomfortable.

The Ringer (Adam Nayman) 25 April 2020

The Assistant is a first-class American film on the boundary of becoming supporting damage in an eternal source that’s rewiring our everyday viewing habits.

Little White Lies (Hannah Woodhead) 24 April 2020

Essential viewing for every person who faces such struggles and damages from the harassment culture in a job!

Daily Telegraph (UK) (Tim Robey) 23 April 2020

Green’s film’s total point is the system, immersed, and fine quality of its fears: you can easily understand Tuesday might be yet worse.

Slant Magazine (Chuck Bowen) 22 April 2020

The Assistant, director-writer Kitty Green, gives a top-to-bottom picture of total dehumanization, and, aesthetically, totally spotless.

Guardian (Peter Bradshaw) 21 April 2020

It is a sad, naturalist study of what other females have to face when they are on the way to their offices.

San Diego Reader (Scott Marks) 21 April 2020

Green, the first director to present a narrative voice to her movie, declares her day in the presence of a witness to company decay as a grueling example of theatre as frustration.

Filmspotting (Adam Kempenaar) 20 April 2020

There’s a lot of confusion and missing things in The Assistant; however, they represent the movie to show what is happening back Julia Garner’s eyes.

Seattle Times (Moira MacDonald) 20 April 2020

When you are done with the movie “The Assistant,” you will surely be thinking about why there is so much visibility in this terror world.

Globe and Mail (Sarah Hagi) 19 April 2020

The film shows how men with strength can simply do whatever they want, they want to make their company successful, but it left me craving something more.

Audience Reviews Of The Movie: THE ASSISTANT

Saaz C

I kept my attention and eyes over to the movie; there is no plot in the film. Still, you will love to watch it till the end.

Feryal M

Waste of time. I don’t like the movie; it makes my brain stop working in how someone can be so disgusted to treat his employees at his working place?

John M

It’s tough to explain how you feel when you are going through such harassment issues in the workplace. Well, hats off to Julia Garner. She performed flawlessly; I love her expressions and facial qualities.

Lindsey H

Boring and a big waste of my 90 minutes. I just followed a girl who spends her working time at her tedious job while watching her boss make love with other girls, seriously?

David M

Considerable success goes to Julia and Kitty. These women prove that sexual harassment can be stopped once you raise your voice. It would be best to tell others what you face or what you feel about a particular incident or a person.

Bobbie J

I don’t like the ending; that young Assistant spends her day watching all the bad things through her naked eyes and leave? No, you don’t need to go miss, just resigned from the job.

Graham N

The exciting film using place over a day. Good cast, supportive environment, and an enjoyable watch.

Rob H

I love the acting of Julia Garner; she has some great facial expressions. Miss Kitty, I love you, seriously, you made my quarantine better to watch this movie.

Joy M

The most tedious incompetent movie ever. It ends, and you will get the feeling like nothing happened yet.

Vander B

If not mind-boggling, it’s hard to realize the gap between the critics (excellent) and readers (not right) reviews.


“The Assistant” is one of my favorite best films where a fantastic performance had done successfully by Julia Garner.

Felipe F

Kitty Green is one of those perfect directors who made up such clear movies to take sudden action to help others. And the story of this movie seriously gives you goosebumps.

Moonie U

Julia Garner did her best to perform and express every bit of her acting skills with so many delicate and sober performances.

Yoyo J

The movie is quite impressive and way too useful to watch till the end. Julia and Kitty were the right combinations where a director and the actress perform their duties with extraordinary abilities. I love the movie, no doubt.

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