The Invisible Man 2020 Review

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Main Actor And Actress Of The Movie The Invisible Man

The leading main actor in the movie The Invisible Man is Griffin. Griffin is also known as the Invisible Man, this one is a fictional character, and it has first appeared as the lead of H. G. Wells’ 1897 science-based fiction novel named, The Invisible Man.

However, the leading actress in the movie The Invisible Man is Elisabeth Singleton Moss. She was born on 24 July 1982. However, she is an American actor plus producer. Elisabeth has received various accolades, such as two Primetime Emmy Awards as well as two Golden Globe Awards. She also experienced working in the extensive television work led Vulture to name her the “Queen of Peak TV.”

Elisabeth started her acting career in the early 1990s, and she was the one who also first gained recognition for performing/playing Zoey Bartlet. She played the youngest daughter of President Josiah Bartlet in the NBC political-based drama series name The West Wing (1999–2006).

Furthermore, Moss already won the Golden Globe Award in the category for the Best Actress – Miniseries as well as Television Film for describing Detective Robin Griffin in the BBC miniseries name Top of the Lake (2013).

Well, Elisabeth won the Primetime Emmy Award in the category for the best Outstanding Lead Actress role-playing in a Drama Series along with the best Outstanding Drama Series in the category of producing and starring as June Osborne in the drama series of Hulu dystopian The Handmaid’s Tale (2017–present).

Moss already played so many leading plus supporting roles in various movies, and I hope so that her latest movie, The Invisible Man, also gets the opportunity to be settled in the upcoming Oscars award 2021.

Thus, Moss played various supporting roles in different movies, including Girl, Interrupted, Us, and Get Him to the Greek. She also played leading roles in movies, including The One I Love, The Square, and The Invisible Man.

She has also lead in three films directed by Alex Ross Perry, such as Her Smell. She also played some theater work like Broadway productions of David Mamet’s Speed the Plow and Wendy Wasserstein’s The Heidi Chronicles.

And if we talk about her early life, Elisabeth Moss was raised in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Ron and Linda Moss. However, both of her parents were musicians. Her mother performs jazz and blues harmonica very professionally.

Elisabeth Moss also has one younger brother. Moss’s father is English, and her mother is a part of half Swedish descent. According to Moss, she had ambitions of becoming a dancer, a professional dancer. In her younger days, she traveled to various countries where in New York City, she spent some time studying ballet at the School of American Ballet; later that, she studied at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

She had many desires for becoming a professional dancer; that’s why she didn’t stop her dancing practices while studying abroad.

The Invisible Man 2020 Review


Movie Plot: The Invisible Man is an American based science fiction movie, a 2020 psychological horror film that is both directed and written by Leigh Whannell, whereas the movie actually based on the novel with the same title by H. G. Wells.

The movie follows a woman, “Elisabeth as Cecilia,” who believes that someone is stalking her silently. She can’t see him/her, and she isn’t sure about her doubt. She has some doubts that her abusive boyfriend is the one who is following her even after his apparent suicide.

She also believes that her boyfriend might be getting the ability to become invisible, and maybe he is not dead yet. Thus, Cecilia was in a violent, controlling relationship where her boyfriend was also a very wealthy optics engineer, and he was a powerful businessman Mr. Adrian Griffin.

The story takes a plot just after that night when Cecilia drugs Adrian with a potent drug, diazepam, and leaves his highly secured home along with the bungling help providing by her sister, Emily.

Cecilia successfully hides out with the help of Detective James Lanier as well as with his teenage daughter, Sydney. After spending two weeks or more, Cecilia finds that her boyfriend Adrian apparently commits suicide and wills her $5 million within his trust.

Adrian has one brother Tom, he is a lawyer and currently handles the arrangements for Adrian’s will. After some time, Cecilia doubts another presence inside the house after certain strange events and calls James, the detective. But he convinces her that it is all her doubts and she is just traumatized.

Through a job interview, Cecilia finds that her work portfolio’s content was actually removed, and after seeing that, she faints. The doctor found some high levels of diazepam in her body. Cecilia also finds the same container of diazepam in her bathroom, along with the same drug she gave to Adrian.

Finally, through all these tough times, Cecilia decides to grab a meeting with James and Tom (Adrian’s brother). In that meeting, she discussed Adrian’s faked death, and he is now an invisible man. Later, Sydney (the daughter of James detective) was getting a powerful hit by an unseen force, while James thinks Cecilia did it.

Cecilia spent so much time investigating the horror activities she feels all alone in Adrian’s house.

However, after seeing continuous strange behavior by Cecilia, she gets herself in a mental hospital, and then she finds out that she is pregnant.

Tom tries to get her charges off from her and ask her if she wants that child so he can take her out of the hospital. Cecilia then came out of the hospital and spends more time in Adrian’s house and convinces Tom that Adrian is alive and becomes an invisible man.

Cecilia runs to James’ house and sees someone is attacking James and Sydney. Cecilia immediately shoots the figure, but when the figure unmasked himself, that was Tom. Police then investigate Adrian’s house, and they find him alive, tied up tightly, and insisting that Tom held him prisoner.

After all these activities, Cecilia doubted that Adrian is alive and becomes an Invisible man. Adrian then makes himself dressed properly so that Cecilia can see him easily.

More Information Related To The Move The Invisible Man

GenreHorror, Mystery, And Thriller
RatingR (Some Strong Bloody Violence|Language)
Original LanguageEnglish
WriterLeigh Whannell
DirectorLeigh Whannell
ProducerJason Blum, Kylie Du Fresne
Release Date (Streaming)20 March 2020
Release Date (Theatre)28 February 2020
Box Office (Gross USA)$64.3 M
Production CoUniversal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Dark Universe, Goalpost Pictures
Runtime2h 4m
Sound MixDolby Atmos
Aspect RatioScope (2.35.1)

The Invisible Man Directed By Leigh Whannell

Leigh Whannell is one of the famous top directors who have the capability of both story-writing and directions simultaneously. Leigh Whannell was born on 17 January 1977, and he is an Australian based screenwriter, director, actor, and producer.

However, he is actually best known for the famous writing films that were directed by his close friend James Wan, like Saw (in 2004), Dead Silence (in 2007), Insidious (in 2010), as well as Insidious: Chapter 2 (in 2013). Leigh Whannell started his first directorial debut with the successful movie Insidious: Chapter 3 (in 2015); along with this, he also directed two more films, names are Upgrade (in 2018) and The Invisible Man (in 2020).

Leigh Whannell and Wan are two creators behind the Saw franchise. Whereas Whannell basically wrote the first installment, then he purposely co-wrote his second and third installments. Leigh Whannell also wrote the Saw video game (in 2009), and he was a co-writer of the movie film Cooties in 2014.

Leigh has a successful directorial career, plus his writing and producing abilities make him one of the best among his rivals. However, Whannell was raised in Melbourne, Australia. Whannell believes that he acquired his love of producing or telling stories from his mother. He also said that his fondness for direct films catches by his father.

Whannell’s father was a cameraman, and he performed in the television industry. Whannell was a writer child, and he also worked as a reporter. He also made film critic for various Australian television shows, such as ABC’s Recovery, or a Saturday morning youth-oriented show hosted by Dylan Lewis.

After that, Whannell was the one who has described the show back in the year 2011. When we talk about his filming school time, Whannell met James Wan in a film school. Together, these two started to write down a script, and it turns out into the short movie “SAW.” 

In 2003, when they made a short movie to show the power of the Saw script, Wan directed the feature film version made in 2004. And that version became a low-budget super hit. However, Whannell played the character Adam Stanheight in the film, and he performed the main characters.

Leigh Whannell’s latest project is The Invisible Man. Whannell is the writer and director of this science-based fiction horror film. Whannell is also a co-executive producer for the H.G. Wells’ book The Invisible Man. In his film, the cast includes Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

This movie is about the escape of a girl from his boyfriend after he drugged him heavily.

The Complete Cast And Crew Of The Movie: The Invisible Man

The complete cast and crew of the movie The Invisible Man performed their best to make the film into the top 10 featured movies of 2020. They did their job well to grab a seat in the upcoming Oscar awards 2021 Academy Ceremony.

However, the complete cast and crew of the movie include:

  • Elisabeth Moss
  • Aldis Hodge
  • Storm Reid
  • Harriet Dyer
  • Michael Dorman
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen
  • Benedict Hardie
  • Amali Golden
  • Sam Smith
  • Nash Edgerton
  • Anthony Brandon Wong

Elisabeth was the main leading character of the movie in which she escaped from his wealthy boyfriend after drugged him heavily. She lived in a violent and controlling relationship with his boyfriend; that’s why she picked the option of leaving him in that way.

Therefore, he didn’t leave her even after his death and stalks her every time in the form of an invisible man everywhere (that’s what Elisabeth as Cecilia thought).

Elisabeth also has a detective friend who helped her in all her traumatized activities and tells her that no one stalks her. But of course, Cecilia feels various strange activities in her house and in the streets that lead her into a mental hospital.

And here comes a new entry, Tom (her boyfriend’s brother), a lawyer himself and helps her bring her out from the hospital.

So, that’s the movie plot of this Invisible Man 2020 review. All the supporting actors and actresses perform so well and make their roles successful. The Invisible Man, a science-based functional horror film, was theatrically released all over in the United States on 28 February 2020 by Universal Pictures.

Though it was originally scheduled to be released on 13 March 2020, because of pandemic issues, all the releasing dates were postponed but, now, the restrictions were loosened, and this film was all ready to be released in three Santikos Theatres places in San Antonio, Texas, on 1 May 2020.

The Invisible Man earned almost $64.9 million from all over in the United States and Canada. Thus, the movie earned around $69.8 million from other countries, and worldwide, the total earning an amount of $134.7 million.

In the United States and Canada countries, The Invisible Man was basically projected to gross around $24–30 million from the very well known 3,610 theaters just in its opening weekend. The movie also made over $9.8 million on its first day, and it is now topping the box office.

Critics And Review Of The Movie: The Invisible Man

  • WXIX-TV (Cincinnati, OH) (tt stern-enzi) (3 April 2020)

This movie is not just a horror film, but it also gives us a real psychological thriller. It is a good plus strong film, it didn’t scare me at all, but yes, it gets in my head.

  • Financial Times (Danny Leigh) (23 March 2020)

The real gem of the movie is Moss, for sure. Her acting and expressions were the best for some specific moments. She performed her character very well and was the one that increased my attention to the movie till the end.

  • Chicago Reader (Adam Mullins-Khatib) (6 March 2020)

Ultimately, The Invisible Man goes for a pacey; it is actually predictable for me. Still, I like the terror, horror, and suspense of Adrian’s death.

  • London Evening Standard (Charlotte O’Sullivan) (5 March 2020)

Whannell, my favorite director. This person is just brilliant at entertaining us with funny, knowing dialogues, and immense horror till the end of the film.

  • Times (UK) (Kevin Maher) (2 March 2020)

A perfectly modern #MeToo story that, despite its harsh craft, and reminds a movie name “Hollow.”

  • Globe and Mail (Sarah-Tai Black) (2 March 2020)

While packed with some good scares, catchy effects, and a wonderful ending that will touch a very specific demographic of thriller fans with happiness.

  • Chicago Sun-Times (Richard Roeper) (29 February 2020)

I love the movie. It makes me happy, sad, angry, scared at the same time. The film is packed full of surprises.

  • TIME Magazine (Stephanie Zacharek) (29 February 2020)

There’s some evil in this visual. I honestly feel scared at some moments.

  • Arizona Republic (Weldon B. Johnson) (28 February 2020)

“The Invisible Man” is basically a thrilling movie. Not sure, but it will make you question if you want to watch as a movie or if there is really someone in your home.

  • New Yorker (Richard Brody) (28 February 2020)

Whannell’s direction and writing abilities always make us think about what a brilliant person he is. His declarations of scenes and, for the most part, the variety of different impressive scenes in the movies develop the audience’s attention.

  • Baltimore Magazine (Max Weiss) (27 February 2020)

The Invisible Man is my favorite of 2020. It is one of those great movies that should grab a seat of the best Oscars award 2020; however, “everyone thinks the leading actress is crazy, but in the end, the audience will reveal what the actual truth is.”

  • Wall Street Journal (Joe Morgenstern) (27 February 2020)

Leigh Whannell’s film is original, scary, funny, and packed with loving emotions as well. It is actually a scary category movie that surely grabs your attention till the end.

  • Houston Chronicle (Cary Darling) (26 February 2020)

Leigh Whannell is the one who can make us wildly entertaining, and of course, this is a low-budget action film, but still, it can afford an Oscar award this year.

  • San Francisco Chronicle (Mick LaSalle) (26 February 2020)

Elisabeth Moss is a powerful actress who can win the audience’s heart for sure. Her acting capabilities and expressions are full of terror, madness, dread, inconsolable grief, and murderous rage.

Audience Reviews Of The Movie: The Invisible Man

  • Fulton

I really like the storyline of this film. Amazing acting. Leigh Whannell put his best to make this movie super excited, plus it gave me anxiety and hold me till the end.

  • Randall D

Pretty good; this film actually packed with enough suspense, thriller, and lots of twists.

  • Tajahya

So many unexpected and surprising twists and turns. This film will surely keep you on hold to watch it till the end.

  • ECV

The storyline was pretty good, and the supporting actors were also very realistic.

  • Debi

Perfect movie; I really like the suspense that scares me hell with a lot of good twists.

  • GDubb66

Compelling scenes and emotions. Griffin, Tom, and Cecilia were the best people in the whole film. Cecilia performed very well to keep the emotions on the top till the end of the movie. And the last scene was too perfect for me, especially when Cecilia left Adrian’s house after the truth reveals.

  • Fred

Watching Invisible Man was a worth watch for me. Such a great way to spend your afternoon while watching the movie in a peaceful environment.

  • Cristy

I like it. The movie is really great with exciting/thrilling performances by the actors and actresses. From the beginning, I enjoyed the movie.

  • Alray Jefferson

I preferably liked the audio clearance of the movie. Some of the scenes were really realistic and made me jumps off the couch.

  • Toni C

Full of interesting, exciting, held my attention. I will give A+ to the director.

  • 30Second R

#TheInvisbleMan, I will give my rating 8/10. There are some twists in the movie, which seems very unrealistic to me.

  • Damian Escobedo

The ending was inspiring for me. Well, it had me fooled, especially at the end, that was nerve-racking.

  • Brandon

The Invisible Man was packed with a lot of suspense, and of course, it was a fun and scary category film that resembles the “Hollow” movie. 

  • Benetta

This was a fascinating plus interesting film that has many twists and suspences. This film also keeps your attention till the end, the lead actor and actress was excellent in displaying their best roles.

  • Ramona C

Make your head on the end of your seat. It is a fascinating and thrilling film.

  • Robert

Interesting idea, but I felt something wrong with the leads. Moss was not the right choice for that role.

  • Amber K

Amazing movie, the storyline was perfect. Hats off to Whannell, who come up with the idea of this thrilling movie.

  • Charlyn

Very good acting played by Moss. All my credits go to Moss.

  • Damian H

I am not a fan of horror films at all, but The Invisible Man makes me watch horror films now. Well, it is not a horror category movie, but a thriller one for sure.

  • Will

Amazing storyline by Leigh Whannell. Oliver and Moss, they did their roles so dramatically.

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