What Impact Will Palm Springs Film Festival Create For The Oscars 2021?

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There is an update that the Palm Springs International Film Festival for Oscars award 2021 has been canceled. The reason behind this decision might be a drastic financial blow for the region that could indicate some more changes to the next year’s film awards.

Due to the COVID-19, the United States faces a sudden increment in the cases again, and the cases rise across the globe.

On Monday, the Palm Springs International Film Festival Society said that it is basically a 32nd annual film festival that has been scheduled for the dates of between Feb. 25 to March 8, but now, they will take place in the year 2022.

We have also seen that the festival organizers and other team members are still busy making plans to celebrate this 2021 year’s performances. They also make plans to celebrate films with an actual awards presentation on the date of Feb. 25. However, details have yet to be announced.

In a statement, organizers said that “they made some changes in a way to ensure the safety and health and of their patrons, filmmaker guests, staff, volunteers and as well as, partners.

Changes Occur Due To COVID-19

Well, there is no doubt to say that both Europe and the U.S. still in the hold of a massive coronavirus wave. Whereas, the European leaders grip up the pandemic restrictions last week because the second wave of rising in the cases hit the countries, including France and Germany.

European leaders force to put new lockdowns and curfews to make a barrier or stop rising cases. Aftab Dada, head of the PS Resorts group hospitality in Palm Springs and the vice president of the Hilton Palm Springs, declared a statement that the financial losses arising day by day from the cancellation of all those festival and they are costing millions in the revenue of tourism.

Palm Springs Organizers Hit Back

They took a move and comes after the Oscars award 2021 to be extended its ability shutter to the end of February, pointed an addition for scheduled releases, for example, the movies:

  • James Bond film “No Time To Die.”
  • Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story.”

But of course, the pandemic rises continue to surround the U.S. movie theaters grab more restrictions and economic fallout. Thus, Cineworld stated that they close the overall theaters throughout the county last month with no reopening date.

The Palm Springs event normally boasts its original position on the festival circuit’s calendar, continued the January’s first week to lead the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscar nominations. This year, probably 300 submissions are expected from the Academy Awards organizers, while they plan to start the voting system from February and end in March.

Oscars Award 2021: Amy Grey Says About It:

Amy Grey, a member of the academy award Oscars and the founder of the Toluca Lake public relations firm Dish Communications, explained the upcoming Oscars award 2021 as an “anomaly,” and the reason is its streaming and inability to meet in the same room.

But Amy Grey does not expect the cancellation of Palm Springs to affect the Academy Awards.

The Effect Of COVID-19 To The Oscar Awards 2021

  • The Palm Springs choice just came after two months when the Venice Film Festival became the first significant in-person cinema cabinet of the coronavirus period, considering the cancellation of Cannes between other international festivals that possible to go online this year.
  • Moreover, with all the important COVID-19 protocols, the Venice film festival, which happened on Sept. 12, looked amazingly different and a notable absence of big Hollywood films.
  • Those strict protocols were proof of the hard-line Venice and the overall Veneto region used to hold the virus when it first began in the lagoon city. Veneto kept the spread of the virus and controlled the spreads due to early lockdowns, unlike neighboring Lombardy.
  • Many other countries host the 2021 world-renowned film festivals and currently see heads in new COVID-19 cases just after an extended lockdown.
  • In Germany, they probably said that the Berlin Film Festival is all ready to be scheduled on Feb. 11-21, but due to the new COVID-19 cases, which have increased to 1,279% in the past month, the festival is delayed.
  • In France, we have seen such COVID-19 cases increased by up to 226% in the past month; however, the Cannes Film Festival was being canceled at the beginning of awards season and took a rescheduled date for May 11-22.
  • Throughout the United States, COVID-19 cases are increasing to 60% in the past month. The new Academy Awards 2021 are scheduled for April 25.

Peter Newman, who is ahead of the graduate dual degree program at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, also said that the Oscar awards 2021 will likely be a mixed combination of small and specific independent films. 

Coachella Valley Support For The Biggest Financial Hit

The lastest event that could fall from the Coachella Valley’s signature event calendar is the Palm Springs film festival, which can easily create a nebulous financial hit for next year.

The society of the Palm Springs film had also rescheduled its festival. Last year, the Film Award Gala, almost 2,500 guests attended, including honored actresses, actors, and directors that moved on to win Oscar awards, including Renee Zellweger, Joaquin Phoenix, and Laura Dern.

The festivals’ screening portion witnessed 132,000 people into the theaters over the Coachella Valley to take within 12 days of new screenings.

But of course, things are getting out of hands as this year pandemic coronavirus cases are incredibly increasing day by day and give an alarming rate.

Mr. Geoffs Kors, Palm Springs Mayor, said the Palm Springs festival’s cancellation is really a huge “disappointing, but fully acceptable.” He also added that due to COVID-19 rising cases, the cancellation may occur, which is understandable.

However, the upcoming Palm Springs’ convention and business industry’s expectation will depend according to the COVID-19 case rates, Geoff Kors further added.

Coachella Valley Lost Many Events:

Yes, this is true! The wider Coachella Valley has faced the loss of events a lot, which may further prove to be a substantial surprise.

Things getting changed due to the pandemic, where the International Tamale Festival, a two-day event happening in December that can gather almost over 150,000 people to the major city of Indio, is not going to happen in 2020.

Music Festivals May Fall Apart Due To The COVID-19:

Well, there is big news floating all around the Academy Awards. These music festivals alone would be enough to gather an estimated economic result of $600 million in the region. But, all of the sudden cancellations from the festivals, the economy can face a big loss.

Although, the Palm Spring film society stated on Monday that there are still some plans to move forward within the short film festival ShortFest, on the coming dates of June 22-28. Thus, the confirming details of the plans will be released through the end of the year.

Furthermore, the Palm Springs cancellation, film festival Chairman Harold Matzner stated that none of the festival’s seasonal employees would lose their jobs and stand from their actual positions.

Chairman Harold Matzner also said that “these are our people, we provide them their benefits, income and much more in this critical condition.

Final Verdict

Well, this year sounds like a more horror for the Oscars award 2021, all thanks to the widespread COVID-19. Plans have been changed now, including films releasing dates to the promotions. Let’s see what impact can coronavirus put on the upcoming Oscars.

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